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  1. Price did come out of his net a fair amount to challenge the shooter. Maybe he gave too much of an angle on his stick side when he did. I called it a soft goal because he was beaten on a the easiest type of shot to stop [wrist] by Zub, an undrafted rookie defenceman who has only other 1 goal to his credit. This was not a perfect wrist shot from Crosby or Kucherov. It was not a screened slapshot either, or a back door play. It was the type of shot Price used to stop all the time. Carey did play better overall in this game, but I literally held my breath every time Ottawa had the puck in the Habs end in this game. If I were the coach I would go back to Allen for the next game, then rotate back to Price for Saturday's game. If DD flips the two starts the other way, that would be ok too but I really don't want to see Price play more than two games in a row until he shows he is out of his slump. I wouldn't say Price outplayed the Senator's third string rookie goalie Daccord, whose play was at least on par with Price's. By the way, Daccord was starting his second NHL game, and had only played 1 period of a game a few days ago. Imagine if the Habs & Price had lost *this* game!
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