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  1. As my son moves through the ranks of hockey, I'm appalled by the lack of supervision these kids get, and the "old school" mentality of many of the top coaches. I wish I knew how to change it. It needs to start at the top. "Boys will be boys" is 100% a mentality that needs to end and not be accepted. I can tell you in the US, there is Safesport. I can also tell you that 99% of organizations (if not 100%) completely ignore Safesport. For example, two adults in the locker room at all times? That ends as soon as kids know how to tie their own skates. We billeted a kid that was tossed from his organization after reporting a kid pulling a knife in the locker room and threatening another kid (they settled a fairly significant lawsuit in their home state). Parents and kids alike bullied him for "snitching". Coaches on the ice belittling kids, calling them by their mom's names, perpetuating some "you play like a girl" as a negative, will hypocritically touting the growth of strength of the girls program at the same organization. Parents laughing along with it.
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