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  1. Hab A Listen Ep 6 by HabAListen https://soundcloud.com/user-340014974/hab-a-listen-ep-6 on #SoundCloud
  2. Hey guys !! Sending blessings to all ! If you have some free time Hab A Listen The Podcast Ep 3 is out ! soundcloud.com/user-340014974 GO Habs GO and let's fast forward to October Already !
  3. Glad you liked it ! And yes sir I will follow by the rules !
  4. My apologies, I will post one board every week .
  5. Tell your friend that I'm not a robot , I'm a real person and I'm reaching out to you guys , 1 for our podcast to reach true habs fans and 2 to let your voices be heard through our platform .
  6. Hey guys ! Every week I'll be posting a link to our podcast posted on on this Website ,Twitter and on SoundCloud! Follow @HabAListen on Twitter and DM us any topics you'd like discussed. Go HABS Go Episode 2 Below https://m.soundcloud.com/user-340014974/episode-2-hab-a-listen-the-podcast-2017-07-05-933-pm
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