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  1. 3 hours ago, titanfan said:

    ...  You'd think over that long a stretch SOMEBODY would have had a good season......


    You'd think that over the last 20 years THE TEAM might have had more than two good seasons offensively (my measure bing top 10 in scoring) ... and when the average for that period is 18th, the team can reasonably be considered at best "average" offensively, and close to poor.

  2. 2 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

    When you are a bubble team and you start the season 0-2, including a shellacking against the woeful Sabres, there is legitimate cause for concern. Bubble teams don’t get 10 games to “round into form.” The points urinated away now are every bit as important as the points battled over in March.


    Panic is premature, but concern? Reasonable.


  3. 14 minutes ago, sbhatt said:

    This forced a visit to hockeydb for me.  I questioned whether Richer had hit the 90 point mark, as I don't remember him registering a ton of assists.  Sure enough, he hit 91 points during the 89-90 season. 

    I did something similar ... thought about Damphousse, Larouche, Smith or Muller but Stephane was the only one I was certain has been playing with the old-timers.

  4. 18 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

    ... A more convincing metric would be the team's overall goals-scored totals annually, compared to the rest of the league.

    This century, the Habs have been in the top 10 twice ... in 2012-13 the were fourth, sandwiched between seasons of 19th and 21st  ... and another blip in 2007/08 (2nd, between seasons of 15th and 13th) ...   in those 20 years the Habs are 18th in goals scored ... pushed to 19th using goals/season because Vegas passes them (although not a fair metric as Vegas could go into the tank after the current roster moves on) ... so the lack of scoring has been an issue for some time.

  5. 14 minutes ago, TurdBurglar said:

    Horseshit call to end the game.  Gallagher getting pushed around by 2 Leafs after the whistle, Anderson comes in to Gallagher's defense, only penalty called on Anderson. 


    This is why the NHL needs to have some means for the press to submit questions to the refs to get explanations for certain calls, in particular the rules interpretation ... 


  6. 10 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    This feels like a good spot to plug our contract page - http://www.habsworld.net/2007/08/montreal-canadiens-salary-information/


    It's a front-loaded deal - Starts at $10M for three years, then $8.5M, $6.25M, and three years at $6M.

    Somewhat surprising as "escrow" is expected to be high in the near term and hopefully decline once the cap starts rising ... no difference to Habs but may cost Suzuki some money.

  7. 41 minutes ago, Sir_Boagalott said:

    ... He is a great player and he has shown that he will likely be in the 70 pts range, but with an aav at close to $8 mil he'll have to become close to an 80pt guy for him to have an equal value contract. ...

    think a near point per game player would be more expensive than what Suzuki will get ... looking at last year, if I did it properly, of the 13 forwards whose AAV was $7.375M-$8.375M (+/- $5M from Suzuki's future AAV), only two were over 0.9 pts per game (O'Reilly and Wheeler) ... the median (half above, half below) was 0.62 p/gm ... 

  8. 2 hours ago, Fanpuck33 said:

    ... But 60 points and hoping for 65 is not worth the contract he just got ...

    It's the type of decision GM's have to make ... sign him now or wait until next spring/summer when his having the type of season you clearly expect him capable of having would increase his "price" ... if you wait for a player to "be worth" a long-term deal then you don't get the type of cap friendly AAV that makes the GM's life easier over its term ... 

  9. 1 hour ago, dlbalr said:


    That's not the issue (and they didn't replace him yet, Niku will get that spot once activated).  That's with Price ($10.5M) on LTIR.  They're fine for that.  I'm talking about when he's off LTIR and it's Weber ($7.857M) as the only one on LTIR.  With a fully healthy roster (less Weber), they don't have much wiggle room and the little they have needs to be short-term injury insurance.  They're basically in a spot where they want to come very close to matching money in a trade.  That matching money has to come from players that will be on the fully healthy roster (not Poehling/Brooks/Belzile/Montembeault).

    Thanks for the clarification ... makes sense


    It would be wonderful if Bowman was a BIG fan of Paul Byron ... I'd even throw in a draft pick ... but I doubt Stan would give that a second thought.

    Would then pretty much come down to Armia leaving ... despite his usefulness, he is a very pricey 4th liner once everyone is healthy ... tough call.

  10. 30 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    There isn't enough money moving the other way ...

    I am curious ... did the Habs replace Poehling on the 23-man roster?  CapFriendly hasn't updated Poehling's status but unless he was replaced I would have thought Lehkonen ($2.3M) and Poehling ($750K) would cover Strome's ($3M) AAV.

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