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  1. Just now, dlbalr said:


    Even at that.  If the Habs wanted a first-round pick for that much cumulative cash/cap retention - and they'd be justified in doing so - that's still more than Gallagher is worth.

    At some point the cap space may be worth minimal return

  2. 6 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:


    because, unless the Habs win a cup, all of this may be just a useless exercise in selling hope, and lodges, and paraphernalia of a loosing team


    Like Bergevin and every other GM/management team since 1993?

  3. 6 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:


    I am very critical of Hugh-Gort but even I do not think it would be fair to judge them at the end of this summer


    in 3-4 years, we will be able to tell. Next year after the UFA signing date we will have a good idea of the starting point to the transformation

    I meant about whether they build up the organization to a better size,  covering all the bases … obviously it will take much longer to assess the quality/performance of on and off-ice additions. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, dlbalr said:


    That's $7.5M-$10M on Montreal's side.  How much do they have to get back to justify that?  (For that much money, I think they'd be asking for a 1st rounder.)  And then the facilitating team probably has to retain a similar-sized portion, meaning they'll need a similar acquisition value to do their part.  For whoever's acquiring Gallagher, compensating Montreal and the facilitator team at fair value to compensate for the cash spending/dead cap will cost a whole lot more than Gallagher is actually worth.  That's why these types of double-retention on long-term deals have never happened and won't anytime soon and certainly not with Gallagher.

    I was looking at a straight deal *** IF *** Gallagher can get his game together 

  5. 6 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:


    If the staff and players involved in the Hockey Canada scandal do not get the same treatment Logan got, I will be very disappointed by the media and commentators who jumped on their high horse to refuse evaluating Logan's hockey talent for months.

    Mailloux deserved some harsh treatment. And the Hockey Canada pukes deserve at least as much

    More IMO … LM grossly violated the young lady’s privacy and confidentiality by taking the picture and sharing it but otherwise her participation was voluntary

  6. 13 minutes ago, dlbalr said:


    You realize there has never been a trade done where there is double retention on a player for five years, right?  It's not realistic.

    So true … it would take a team that wants him at a reduced AAV … don’t see HuGo retaining a huge portion, but maybe $1.5-2 million … but don’t see even that happening unless BG has a a very good season next year

  7. 1 hour ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    I doubt Gallagher would accept a trade to the leafs, although I do not remember if he has a no trade


    Edmonton is more likely 

    Gallagher has a 6 team NTC … Toronto may seem like a logical inclusion (like Gorges not wanting to go) but like it or not they are a Cup contender quality roster … after a taste last season BG may now have different priorities … 

  8. 1 hour ago, DON said:

    Would much prefer to see Hoffman/Armia/Petry/Price gone morso than Gallagher.

    I dont think Gallagher is likely to be dealt, but who knows.

    I would be glad to see all 5 gone … but doubt Price and Gallagher are going anywhere

  9. 17 minutes ago, dlbalr said:


    Player development is quite thin compared to a lot of other teams (it was just Ramage on his own for a bit before Bouillon joined).  That's an element a lot of teams are investing in - more development/skill coaches.  Pro scouting has bled a few people in recent years, and NA amateur scouting is woefully understaffed.  One Ontario scout, 2 Quebec scouts, and one Canada scout isn't enough and they only have one scout for the whole US (college and USHS).  That's pathetic.  As for video scouting, that spot was non-existent before this season whereas some times have entire departments dedicated to it.  Then there's the analytics department which has had no more than one person in it when they had one at all.  Development coaches, a drop in pro scouts, a pitifully thin North America amateur department, plus minimal video and analytics.  That list should be at least 10 people longer.

    And by the end of the summer we will be in a position to judge what HuGo have built

  10. 2 hours ago, DON said:

    8 guys rape, likely a naive and drunk young girl...turns the stomach for sure. (2017-18, which Habs were on that team?) Mete was only Hab on that team...was Cale Makar one of the 8?)

    Also, all the simply crazy hazing that supposedly (of course it did, who could make up such childish and kooky things) happened in the CHL, is another thing i simply find hard to believe, obviously whomever was leading or looking after these teenagers, couldnt of been more useless or in on it?

    Could have been the eight best players,  names we all know, or the eight worst, names few would recognize … or a mix …  no sense speculating as such tar will stick to the innocent as much as the guilty

  11. 8 hours ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:

    I really think the Flyers are willing to deal the #5 pick, Tortorella is not a rebuild coach ...


    7 hours ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:

    Here is my new trade proposal. 


    To Philly

    Jeff Petry,  the #26 pick  (and maybe the #64 pick,  Philly doesn't have a 2nd rounder)


    To Montreal

    #5 pick  and James Van Riemsdyk (only has 1 year left)


    Habs use the #5 pick to get either a potential top 2 defensemen (Nemec or Jiricek) or another high end forward and JVR's contract is gone in a year. 


    I agree Torts doesn't seem like a rebuild coach, and if Philly wants to make any significant roster changes they will need cap space.


    I wonder ... *** IF *** the Flyers went for that deal, then might JVR (50% retained) and Anderson be the basis of a deal for the #2 pick?  


    To quote Lotto 6/49 ... 1st, 2nd, 5th ... JUST IMAGINE (yes I know it won't happen)

  12. 18 minutes ago, Sir_Boagalott said:

    ... **propelled** by a *distinct* *kicking motion* is clear ...

    I would argue that none of the three terms (above) is "clear" ... especially collectively ... it is why even the on-ice and off-ice officials cannot be consistent with interpretations, let alone we mere mortals.

  13. 1 minute ago, TurdBurglar said:

    I completely agree.  I like the stance Commandant took on it.  Make it clear, and no room for interpretation, like puck over glass. 


    My personal belief is a goal shouldn't be scored in any semi-intentional way that is not off the stick.  A goal where it hits a player, like off the leg or body and goes in is fine as long as they made no effort to make the contact deliberately.  If they are in any way, shape or form, attempting to make contact with the puck, the goal should be called back.  It would eliminate all these kicking goals, did they alter their movement to attempt to contact the puck? Yes? No goal, plain and simple.  No grey area of motion or intent.

    I like the intent ... but alter their movement to attempt to contact the puck is still plenty subjective ... just a new kind of argument ... but it could be a first step on a journey to clarity.

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  14. 17 minutes ago, Sir_Boagalott said:

    True, but he'd be a good candidate to replace Burrows as PP coach.  Kovy was basically a player PP coach with how he used to hold onto the puck and point to where he wanted his teammates to be.  That always cracked me up when he did that, but thats also why I think he could be a decent coach. 

    At least AK could/should join the Habs as a skills coach and PP consultant

  15. 32 minutes ago, TurdBurglar said:

    Propel - to drive, push, or cause to move in a particular direction, typically forward.


    The definition doesn’t make the word propel any clearer.  A deflection is causing the puck to move in a particular direction, so you can easily say, by definition, deflecting is propelling. 


    Drive and push however have a connotation of imparting force rather than merely re-directing ... but it all shows the need for a more precise rule that eliminates, or at least minimizes, subjectivity.

  16. 16 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    Probably not worth doing a full offseason thread for Laval so here's a bunch of recent roster news:


    D Tory Dello re-signed, one year, one-way.

    F Peter Abbandonato re-signed, one year, one-way.

    D Olivier Galipeau signed, one year, two-way.  (Played on a PTO with Laval this season on an ECHL deal.)

    F Anthony Beauregard signed, one year, two-way.  (Played a few games with Laval in 2017-18.)

    D Santino Centorame signed, one year, two-way.  (Just finished four years in Canadian college after his junior career ended.)

    It is my assumption but, to be certain, is the "way" either AHL or AHL/ECHL?

  17. 3 hours ago, Meller93 said:

    Also, the Russian factor could pose an even bigger wrinkle this year because of the Ukraine conflict. 

    gonna be chaos imo. Watch a top 10 talent like Yurov slip past 20. I wonder if it could even affect a guy who played in North America like Mintyukov


    I suspect that *** IF *** the Russian invasion of Ukraine plays any role it may be more for players playing in Russia than for those who created some sense of separation by already coming to North America.

  18. 5 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    Seems it’s confirmed:





    Renderings always look good ... just keep my Municipal, Provincial and Federal tax dollars out of it ... although I expect they will get a sweet deal from the NCC on the land on which the arena will be built.

  19. 19 hours ago, huzer said:


    There's nothing in the rule that states intent. A player can change the angle of his skate to deflect the puck in, that is intentional. It comes down to you are not allowed to propel the puck into the net via a distinct kicking motion.


    From the rulebook:


    A “distinct kicking motion,” for purposes of Video Review, is one where the video makes clear that an attacking Player has deliberately propelled the puck with a kick of his foot or skate and the puck subsequently enters the net. 


    IN GENERAL ... a word that is often overlooked is "propelled" ... deflecting is not IMO propelling a puck ... propelling, IMO, requires that the skate add momentum to send a puck into the net that otherwise did not have the momentum to do so.

  20. 9 hours ago, sim.on said:

    If the Canadiens were considering taking Slavkovski, don't you think they would have taken him to a dinner too?

    I believe I recall reading that they did ... at the World Championships ... and then met "socially" at the Combine, just not over dinner

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