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  1. Hey in my books you earn a point you didn't lose, in it sounds like a tie to me
  2. if you want to get around the semantics fanpuck OT essentially means tie in todays nhl. you get one point and you don't add anytng to the loss column. The GM's were admant that OTL disappear because they didn't consider it a loss if you got a point.
  3. Look I'm not making this up for the sake of arguing. Its just how the NHL records these things. Here is the standings key from NHL.com. What more can I say. Whether you agree with it or not. OT is not a loss - its a point! We are now undefeated in 6 straight games. Celebrate! GP - Games Played W - Wins L - Losses OT - Overtime (worth one point) PTS - Points
  4. OT = overtime tie i.e. not a loss. Get with it FanPuck
  5. Your wrong. The NHL changed that designation this year. Check the 2003/04 standings. It was called OTL (overtime loss) now it is simply OT - not a loss.
  6. You forgot Sundstrom. He's our best defensive player and everyone kows it. A good plan can't leave him out.
  7. Some on this message board and in the media contiue to misunderstand how the NHL records a loss and an overtime tie. The habs did not lose to the Penguins last night. Crosby did not sink or kill the habs, Crosby got an extra point for his team - end of story. The Habs tied the game and received a point for it. The Penguins received an extra point by winning the shootout. They are still undefeated on the road and have only 3 losses on the season. Great. I'm happy with a point on the road anytime. Once the teams get into overtime they have each received a point for a tie game, and are simply playing for an extra point in overtime, No one will be recorded as a loss for this. Hope that set6s the record straight. Keep rocking Cradiac Kids - or should we call them the Road Warriors?
  8. You can't expect any team to plan hard and dominate every peiord of all 82 games in a season! I think its so amazing that they always seems to come back. It's great, they get another point on the road, still undefeated on the road. The best start of a Canadiens team in ages. If Leafs fans are pathetic for being blindly optimistic. habs fans are pathetic for being persitently pesimistic. I love these Cardiac Kids!
  9. Napier, someone once said - "luck is where opportunity and talent meet" Enough said.
  10. What's up with you anyway Napier. I'm not sure how long you have been following hockey but apparently not very long. I can tell you this from 30 years of following the NHL and the Habs - winning by one goal is OK! In fact its the mark of not only a good team, but a special team! Now you are right lets temper our enthusiasm, its early in the year but not only are the signs positive so far - they are special! This many one goals wins and third period combacks say one thing - character. All the greatest teams have shown this ability. I have seen every habs game this year and with the exception of the first two periods last night - where yes indeed they lack some enthusiasm, they have played hard and have shown absolutely no quit. When is that last time I've seen that, hum - 1993! In fact, this team seems so much like that group. The 93 habs became known as the Cardiac Kids for their late game herorics and they way they kept us on the edge of our seats to the last moment. They also seem familair by the number of rookies in the lineup contributing. Another group of habs, the 1986 edition was similar. And another point, I think perdictions are for idiots. We have had no hockey for over a year. The lineups of many teams have fundamentally changed. The balance of power has shifted and the playing field has levelled. I don't think anyone at this point has any real idea how good many teams are and who is going to be on the top when the season ends. Anything can happen over the course of a 82 game schedule and a short playoff series. Can they win the cup this year? Of course they can. But so can perhaps 15 other teams. I think its not far off to suggest that the Habs are one of the top 6 teams in the east and one of the top 10 teams in the league. You mean to tell me the habs are not better than at least 20 other teams in this league right now and on paper? Not only that, I agree with you they probably can play better. So Napier I think you may underestimate this team, so lets wait and se where we are at XMas before we have perdictions of doom and gloom. I've been watchng hockey for long time my friend and I have a sense this is not a group you want to underestimate.
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