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  1. Alfredoh, how is Yanic Perreault's boy doing with the Rocket? I enjoy reading your commentary about the players in Laval Alfredoh... keep up the good work please.
  2. Just watched that whole Galchenyuk police bodycam video... my god he has really lost his marbles, I don't think you can pin it all on substances neither. Lots of material for TShirt slogans in that video though: - "you know that... right?" - "I will call the Russia" and my favorite one... - "i AM shut the #### up"
  3. what can you expect when you have a goalie named "Stress Man"...
  4. As this game went on, I thought back to 1975 when I was an 11 yr old kid and my Dad took me along with him on his business trip in Montreal... with plans of going to see my first-ever Habs game. This was the one: https://www.hockey-reference.com/boxscores/197504050MTL.html I couldn't believe my eyes and ears the whole time I was there, it was like I was in a dream. Our team were indeed the Flying Frenchmen back then... every 30 seconds it was score! score! score! score! score! Dad even took me up to the gondola before the game started up and I met Dick Irvin... Danny Gallivan wasn't there at that moment though, too bad. Anyways, as Washington was piling up the goals last night, I thought "Well, here's the payback for the 1975 10-2 drubbing... they're gonna turn it around right back on us almost 50 years later". They pretty near did.
  5. I know... I told him that he was crazy! Then he told me "How about letting the other teams worry about checking US for a change?".
  6. Yep, too many wingers for sure. My crazy friend has a CRAZY idea where Drouin goes back to center. Is he CRAZY?? Hmmm, maybe... but it does make things slot in a little neater: Caufield - Suzuki - Anderson Toffoli - Kotkaniemi - Gallagher Hoffman - Drouin - Armia Byron/Paquette/Evans/Perreault/Poehling/Lehkonen
  7. I'd like to have an argument please... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohDB5gbtaEQ This is just me and I'm only speculating here - but does anyone else get the feeling that Domi's teammates aren't all that particularly fond of him? I like Domi, nice player, but I'm just getting this feeling that there is something divisive in the dressing room and Domi could be at the root of it. I could be way off though... it's happened before.
  8. I don't want any more #5/#6 defensemen.
  9. How can anyone not love ol' Bob Cole when he's coming out with things like "Jordan Weal SEALS THE DEAL". The man was and is a gem... fumbling a few names be damned. If you want perfect grammar and semantics and proper enunciation and pronunciation and whatever, go read Shakespeare.
  10. This is a good example of Bergevin trying to re-invent the weal.
  11. Same here. I was originally leaning toward Pacioretty, but now I want to see PK. Complete bandwagoner.
  12. This guy is absolute gold. I am very very proud he is on our team.
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