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  1. 4 hours ago, DON said:

    Awww. Her lil baby boy.






    Already noted but still seems nice gesture;

    "On the road between Peterborough and Ottawa, where the Canadiens will face the Senators on Saturday night, he received a text message from Nick Suzuki advising him not to plan anything for dinner. Upon his arrival in the federal capital, in the evening, he joined his captain as well as Josh Anderson, Christian Dvorak, Mike Hoffman and Jake Allen, who invited him to eat to get to know him and make him feel at ease. ."


    His dad was wearing a price sweater. Hahaha. She had a 62 sweater it looked like.

  2. 1 hour ago, DON said:

    When he is capable of practicing with team and is ready to play, i hope he dresses.


    Yep. He needs to get his reps in on NA ice. Preferably ahl, but NHL is better than sitting on the couch.

  3. 3 hours ago, tomh009 said:

    Hoffman is on a 30-35 point pace, so not totally useless but not commensurate with his $4.5M AAV. He's still shooting at 11.3% but only averaging about two shots per game so that won't produce a lot of goals. Another team (maybe one with a functioning power play unit) might possibly see him as a useful add.

    1.5 mill salary retained, maybe it could happen. 

  4. 7 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    Weber’s contract was/is longer than PK’s. the only reason it was tradeable was he couldnt play. We did end up having $19m on LTIR because of Orice and Weber. The preds were able to move Subban’s contract.


    as far as Weber being more tradeable, Subban’s contract would have been up by now and no reason to pick up another bad contract like Dadanov.

    why no hate for Gallagher who will be useless for another 4 years and has been a waste of cap space last year and this year.

    Not true. Weber could be traded. Pk's ntc would have kicked in that summer and could not have been traded unless he agreed. Not sure on why or how it works but I'm not sure Nashville had to honor the ntc from subbans origional contract. The ntc would have made him him nearly impossible to trade.

  5. 3 hours ago, huzer said:

    Very few players take the mythical home team discount. The Habs had the salary structure through much of Bergevin's middle tenure to pay that, and it didn't hamstring any other signing. Most people were lamenting the Habs NOT spending to the cap. Where's the scorn for Price not living up to his $10.5m annually? Gallagher/Drouin/Anderson for not living up to their contracts?


    Vegas still has 3 years to pay LTIR for Weber. I guess his 14 year albatross of a contract was a home team discount.


    Anyway, people can disagree on players. I appreciated Subban as a non-robotic player/personality that genuinely appeared to have fun when he was on the ice. He was also a pretty darn good defenseman.

    Carey Price is a very good rebuttal to my comment. I hated his contract as well. But I wasn't as iritated by it. In hindsight he did not live up to his contract in the least. One playoff run cost 90 million. So why no animosity? I don't know. Not racism or subliminal racism so let's put that to bed.


    Weber contract was worse, but was tradable and was front loaded making it more tradable. 


    I agree on the third point.  Subvan is a dang likeable guy. Loaded with charisma. Was very fun to watch when he was a hab.

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