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  1. Two things have to happen for us to make the playoffs. We have to have good goaltending consistently and Koivu has to play awesome every night. It doesn't seem to matter how the rest of the team performs. As long as Koivu performs, we win. I don't know why, but when he plays well, we win. End of story.
  2. If Kosty keeps up his play, Perez will have a hard time getting a spot on the team.
  3. I agree that Dandnault shoud go, but I love the Cube. I hope he finds the same form he had last year though.
  4. Good point, but I still think Grabovski should play instead of Kosty.
  5. You are right about that. The bottom line is that the only time these guys work hard is when Koivu plays well. I just don't think that watering down the line is the solution.
  6. Why do you guys worhip these two? The best I've seen of Perzogin is on a defensive role with Bonk. Other than that, he takes crap penalties and has very little finish. He has potential, but potential doesn't win hockey games. Performance does. As for Kosty (Yawn) Much deserved 1st line exposure? Are you kidding? He' fast. That's all I've seen of him is speed. I realize he needs more time, but Grabovski showed heart from day one, and made several dangerous plays. This was when the team was playing like crap. As far as I'm conserned Kosty and Perezhogin have some potential. That's it. To say they should be on the first or second line is silly.
  7. 2 prospects and a 1st rounder for a 2 month rental is anything but garbage. I live in Alberta and I love Smitty. It broke my heart to see him leave, but as I said before, he has never had a point per game season. He can't have too many more good seasons of getting beat up in front of the net either. He has the heart of a lion. Which goes a long way, but this isn't Wayne freakin Gretzky!
  8. Cheap? A first rounder and 2 prospects for a grinder who has never had a point per game season? for 2 months? That's not cheap. Don't get me wrong. I live in Alberta and Smitty is my favorite hockey player, but you have to ask yourself how long he can grind and take the beatings the way he does? I think Lowe got a lot considering he is UFA in a few months.
  9. I got home from work, and watched the third. Wow! That was the worst period of hockey all year. I think Carbo needs to make these guys work out more. They are totally listless. I imagine part of this was from the flu bug and playing the night before. (Which I don't understand. They have played more games than anyone else. Why all the back to back games?) But I also question their conditioning. They lose every time they play back to back games.
  10. If Souray wants to stay, and Bob wants him back, I think he will be signed. I doubt Gainey wil lose a bidding war over Souray, unless the price is crazy high. I think Gainey was wise. They have a crack at the playoffs, and when they win, it's usually because of their powerplay. Souray is their top power play guy.
  11. OK deadline is over. Let's get tonight's game thread on the go. Go Halak Go Prove us wrong
  12. I think you are exagerating about Cube. I would say Dandy has been playing worse than him. Dandelion legs falls everytime he hits someone.
  13. This should be better next year. How much did the Habs pay for Theo this year? Isn't Abby UFA this year too? That's over 3 million right there. Plus the cap should go up.
  14. It's been said many times before. We aren't sellers. ( We are still in the race) and we aren't buyers who are in the market for a rental. (Giving up a very strong list of prospects and draft picks in exchange for that guy to help us to the cup). I think if Gainey could have got a goalie, he would have, but he wasn't willing to give up the future to try to take a WAY LESS THAN CONSISTENT team to the playoffs
  15. I always laugh when guys make all these crazy predictions. You pretty close on this one.
  16. I thought he played very well. I just think Bonk played better.
  17. Wow, is this bad freakin luck or what? Did the Habs sell their sole to the Devil for the 93 Stanley Cup?
  18. Seriously, man, please think before you post. Your negativity is horrible. I have been cheering for this team for 30 years, and the last 10 years have been disapointing, but Kozed is bang on with his post. If a large portion of the team can be filled with good, low cost talent, We can afford to sign that superstar.
  19. You are annoying. Go cheer for the Penguins. They are doing well right now.
  20. I'm afraid. I'm listening on CJAD, and I don't like what I'm hearing.
  21. I've been working for every game he has played. I catch the last period after work, and watch Canadiens express, but this isn't enough. What I'm seeing is a good goaltender, who needs to adjust to the NHL. The shots aren't going to be as predictable as the AHL. He is a good positional goalie who handles the puck like Brodeur, although from what I saw last night, I wonder if Carbo didn't tell him to be more careful with the outlet pass. What do you think of him? Can he handle it up here? What are his weaknesses? Opinions?
  22. That's a very good point. Lafleur used look like he was doing absolutely nothing out there. Then he would fly down the wing and blast the puck in the net. All we need from Kovy now is the fly down the wing and blast the puck in the net part. So when Kovy returns where will Sammy play? As long as the 1st line is clicking with Koivu, Ryder, and Higgins he can't play there. If he can't play on the 2nd, he has to play with Bonk on the 3rd.
  23. Did you have a RDS sign? I saw a few Habs fans, and was wondering if I'd see you there.
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