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  1. The law of averages has to kick in at some point. Theres a blowout coming soon.
  2. You should use the animated Yvonne avatar. Seemed to work well.
  3. We really need to score the first goal in game 4. I think if we can get the first one then the flood gates will open. Philly knows they are lucky to be leading the series. It's kinda like the Boston series only reversed. If we can make the most of a few of our chances then we should be able to come back and steamroll them.
  4. The funny thing is, I said to my buddy that if we play like we did in game 2 there's no way we'll lose, (the bad luck has to end sometime). So I'm sticking with that prediction. It has to even out doesn't it?
  5. I dont think he spoke to the media tonight.
  6. I know its easy to second guess, but Lats brings nothing to the game. At least Dandys fast. I say give ryder another shot, he cant be any worse than lats.
  7. Maybe Ryder deserves a shot. Put him with kovy and saku. At least he can hit an open net
  8. the key to the next game....bury a friggin shot and get on the damn board first. This having to come back from 2-3 goals down every game just isnt working. Now we get to listen to the flyers say well we stuck to our gameplan and bullshit like that. The got dominated the last 2 games and still are up 2-1. Man we need the next game. The big question is who do we go with for the next game?
  9. I think a little cherry pickin is needed here.
  10. Richards with the little shot to Halak. WTF was that?
  11. We really just need to get shots through to the NET! ###### kovy missed!
  12. ###### kosys stick broke...i thought that was it
  13. Why ever would you assume that? This is our chance to really give the fans something to boo about.
  14. But we really gotta start hitting the net
  15. I agree, the flyers have done nothing. Cole is making it sound like the flyers are playing great, when we are obviously the better team.
  16. I can honestly say I have had worse feelings about their chances after some of their wins in this post season (see games 2,4 vs boston. and game 1 this series) We really deserved the last game. If we play like we did in game 2 tonight, we will win. No doubt in my mind. Price will have to be better for sure, but I expect everyone to be ready to play tonight.
  17. We should be ok! Carbo is busting out the lucky Tie, which is undefeated. :claps:
  18. If we can pull this off the habs would play philly or the rangers. If washington makes it though theyll play the Pens, as they were #3 and #2 respectively in the conference.
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