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  1. 8 minutes ago, GHT120 said:

    Molson already let Bergevin give DD a new contract that goes two years beyond MB's contract (perhaps beyond his leaving) ... doubt Molson lets him commit the team to another coach (doubt it would be for less than 3 years) unless Marc first signs and extension and will be around to have to "live with" the new guy (not that I am hoping for that) ... it would be Marc's fourth coach since being hired ... third firing in five years ... second in less than a calendar year.

    And somehow he keeps his job… how many times can he fire a coach without getting fired himself.. he hired these coaches..

  2. 1 minute ago, Sir_Boagalott said:

    Wow, that is awesome news because the Habs need him back ASAP.    Allen is incapable of handling the workload so this season will be a complete right off if the Habs have to go another month without him.  


    I can't help but wonder if Price is returning because he is suffering from more anxiety and depression having to watching this season play out without him.  

    lol… yeah watching this shit show can’t be helping… 

  3. Apparently Price will be exiting the player support program this weekend. No confirmed date for his actual return. I assume he still needs conditioning time. Frankly I hope they don’t rush him but it will be nice to see him back with the team. Maybe that will spark a few players to step up a bit.

  4. 2 minutes ago, GHT120 said:

    I don't expect him to be an offensive force but I worry that his big hits distract from his overall performance on defence ... once Edmundson is back perhaps he needs (at least) 15-20 games in Laval ... with no specific blueline expertise on the Rocket staff, maybe some special attention from Ramage and Bouillon ... 

    yeah… I would be fine if he was that top defence defenceman but he is often out of position or let’s people sneak by. Like Caufield I worry about their confidence.

  5. 2 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    Are we at the point with the power play where Petry needs to be off it entirely to hammer home the message that with scoring wingers, plans A through D shouldn't be get it to Petry for a point shot?  It's really easy to defend when that's all they seem to be allowed to do.


  6. 9 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

    An interesting scenario is brewing. The Habs are emerging as early candidates to be one of the worst teams in hockey. We have many players who will be quite desirable to contenders at the deadline. But we also have a GM who appears to be on the way out.


    Do you keep Bergevin in place and trust him to make those deadline deals for the long-term interest of the franchise, and for which he will not be held accountable if and when he leaves? Or do you show him the door and bring in a new guy by, say, December, so that he can make decisions based on his own assessment and long-term vision? The latter seems like the best idea to me, notwithstanding the standard wisdom that summer is when you want to be hiring a new GM.



    I wouldn’ t trust him with that, not because he wouldn’t do his best but because his best isn’t good enough. I really don’t want him extended for the draft. I would want a new GM to Have time to revamp the scouting team long before the draft.

  7. 2 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    Well, that’s one call I got right 🙄 Not that it took much guesswork.


    I had to listen to this one on the radio of all things. It sounded to me like - despite the result - the Habs were working harder and getting legitimate chances. If that’s right, then it might be the kind of game you have right before you come out of a slump. Any takers on that optimistic thought - ?

    I don’t know.. migraines are less painful then watching their defensive game…

  8. 12 minutes ago, dlbalr said:


    I think it's the right one.  As soon as I saw the replay, I said to myself that it's coming back and that was before Carolina had even challenged.  Gallagher's presence impeded Andersen from coming out to play the shot at the desired angle.  Since that occurred in the blue paint, it's pretty much a cut and dry call.

     It he wasn’t really in the crease and a player is allowed to stand there… even the tsn panel were perplexed..

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