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  1. 1 minute ago, Sir_Boagalott said:

    I dont think they've been out played all night.  The Habs have dumped and chased and recovered the puck numerous times.  


    I agree with @Commandant that most of the goals have been flukey. 


    Turnovers killed the Habs this game.  


    The Habs only need to win 1 game on the road, and the next game is an away game.  

    The habs haven’t really had any pressure on Tampa… dump and chase isn’t working as well against a very good defence… hits are almost equal, Tampa can play that hitting game all night and the habs will come out the worst for it.


    I agree the goals were pretty fluky but the goals are 4 to 1… Tampa had had far more chances and can defend a lead better then any team the habs have faced..


    the habs will need to make some serious adjustments to get back in this series..I really wish the islanders had knocked these guys out..





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