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    i couldnt say it better if i said it my self
  2. at least huet last the full game and only let 2 in, get over theo
  3. this team is a joke,BG got to change things around.. i not impress with him just as much as the team julien is gone there no one else for BG to blame but him self(GM AND COACH) come on bob make me eat my words(please) pissed
  4. can BG tell them they got to shot the puck to win
  5. this game is killing me, i dont know what BG IS TRYING to do F*** all shots on net again to night, if it wasnt for huet this could really be bad. i wish we put some lines together and keep them and why not put ryder on the first line, rib cant be any easy to push off the puck.. zed is done, i dont know want is wrong with him.. the one good thing i see is cote i really like his play so far, there is no drive on this team, there got to be a trade , even a little one to change things up.. i hope we can come back and win this.. hurting
  6. BG AS NOT DONE A THING TO MAKE THE TEAM BETTER, there worst with him behind the beach..his not cutting it as coach and as not did. much as GM SO FAR.the only way to save him self is to sign some good players in the off season.
  7. i wouldnt mine if we made the trade, but only if we get someone to help change the season around. it would be nice to package rib. in the trade to get him gone. but we need is a second line foward or 3 D man.
  8. it would be nice, but i think richard is a UFA in the summer so i wouldnt what to give up alot unless we could sign him for a good deal
  9. the problem is not with koivu, he is all heart..i think the main problem is in the dressing room,it looks like there is two different teams out there..the players we have are good but they are not playing together and i dont think they want to.. i think that why BG FIRER juilen because he couldnt bring the team together and it looks like he cant do the job.. so it time to bring in some new faces and get the guy out that are causing the problem. :?-
  10. I NOT Suggesting that we kept brisebois, but we could of got someone to replace him and quintal, and for perreault he was great with montreal and he having a good year this year and we didnt get anyone to replace him. bonk i dont think was a bad fit for the third line but the money he got was a little much and if you thought he was brough in to score 20 goals for this team your kidding your self.. the 20 goal seasons came with ottawa and we not there yet..
  11. things are not looking good for gainey, he continue to make bad moves, like bonk, garon,perreault,brisebois, and firing a good coach. its time to make a good move if we are going to make the playoffs, the time is now...not next season..the ottawa game is time i well never get back.
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