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  1. 10 hours ago, Sir_Boagalott said:

    I have a funny memory from when I was 10 or 11 years old and watching the Caps vs NYI game and it went into OT. 


    I remember watching that game too.  That and the Flyers Penguins 5OT game stand out in my memory as the best long games I've watched.

  2. Now that the Oilers are out, I look at the remaining teams and ask myself who I want to win the cup.  I dislike Carolina (history with Habs), not a fan of the Kraken (too new, the far-left city they represent, dorkiest home barn name in the league)...so I guess it'd be most palatable for me if Dallas or Florida win it all.

  3. 1 hour ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    Probably. I would have been watching the Habs under Perron/Burns, so that’s what I remember - and it wasn’t exactly freewheeling hockey, let me tell ya.

    Same.  Back then, out of market hockey games were not a common on TV.  You'd get the odd glimpse of a series featuring American teams on TSN, which was the only sports channel on Canadian cable.

  4. Can't help but feel disappointed that we didn't have some luck and move up a bit.  By the time we pick, Fantilli will definitely be gone, and almost surely Carlsson will be gone too.  Michkov will surely fall, so we have to pray someone takes Benson over Smith if we want a blue chip centre prospect.

  5. 32 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    It’s not just the Leafs of today. If they win the Cup, you are going to hear about it endlessly from the media cheerleaders for the rest of your life, presented as the Greatest Moment in Hockey History when All of Canada Cheered the Team that Everbody Loves. Over. And over. And over. And over.


    I’ll take a slightly lower pick to spare myself that. 



  6. This is a must-lose game.  Every guy on the ice should be aware of what's at stake, and do just a little to ensure they come up just short.  Take a penalty here, miss a check there....but for God's sake, do not screw up and get a point in this meaningless game!!!


    Also, tonight we celebrate the last time we have to see Drouin in a Habs uniform!   😁🍾🎉

  7. 2 minutes ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:

    Need a Detroit win as Arizona seems to have gone in the tank. 


    I think we need to lose all of our remaining games in regulation....looking ahead at Arizona's schedule, they're unlikely to win more than one game from now until the end (the Anaheim game)...and even that game could easily be a loss.  The boys need to commit to the tank...maybe the goaltenders let a few past them on purpose...whatever.  Screw integrity...finishing bottom 5 needs to be the one and only goal at this point.



  8. 2 hours ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    if there was any doubt Drouin was in MSL's good graces, this will probably be a one too many "faux pas" for #27. He is more than gone:

    Suspended for being late to a team meeting



    The bum deserves to be pressboxed for the remainder of the season.  I'd like to think that'd be the case if not for the slew of injuries, but who knows with this guy, the way he's always coddled.

  9. I don't think it would be fair for the Flyers to hold his son's actions against him, and could possibly leave them open to a wrongful dismissal suit.  The only person who this should reflect badly on professionally is the athletic director at Mercyhurst College, should Briere not be kicked off of the team for his actions.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Sir_Boagalott said:

    I'm starting to think that RHP isn't a fluke.  I highly disagree with the people that have said that he is similar to Gally.  I always complain that the Habs are often way too close to the goal line/crease.  However, RHP doesn't do that. i.e. he gets it.  He seems to know to be slightly farther away from the crease and in the slot which important for: a) people can actually pass to him; and more importantly b) he can take a decent shot at the net with a good chance it goes in.  


    Although it's a small sample size up to this point, RHP looks very good.  His shooting % isn't sustainable, but he sure looks like he's got more goal scoring ability than Gallagher.  Let's hope he keeps it up.

  11. It's always so half-assed...the NHL never fails to display that it's just barely one of the 'major' sports whenever it puts on an event.  Poor production values, D-list celebrities judging, D-list music acts....every single time.  They'd be further ahead to streamline the production and stick to the actual skill events, and make them ultra-competitive.

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