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  1. So far, Gainey has been nothing short of incompetent. I understand that mortgaging the team's future to scrape by into the 8th spot only to get steamrolled in the first round would be stupid. But why not make some small, lateral moves to change the team chemistry a little? Inject a few players that are hungry to prove themselves into the lineup, and just maybe it will be contagious. It certainly couldn't hurt.

  2. Theodore is a bum...plain and simple. The guy repeatedly makes mental mistakes that result in bad goals...which in turn deflate the rest of the team and lead to blowouts like the one tonight. The Habs quit tonight, and with Theo playing the way he did, can you really blame them? Why knock yourself out when you know the goalie is going to lose you the game no matter how hard you play?

  3. I think it is time for Zed to go. He has been lacking the speed that made him dangerous in the past this season, and appears to be going through the motions more often than not. Zed has been a passenger too many nights, floating around contributing nothing. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out....

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