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  1. Just now, tomh009 said:

    I was waiting to see how long it would take you to post this tonight. Because it's usually the only comment you make.


    You're full of it...I comment plenty about 22's continued success, and on the young d-men holding it down nicely.


    As far as it being the only comment I make about Drouin, that's close to the truth....he gives me ample reminders of what hot garbage he is every single damn game.  I'd love a game off, but he just keeps on screwing up.

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  2. 16 minutes ago, DON said:

    Drouin had some lazy (trying to be cute) turnovers in own end, but seemed were lots of sloppy plays form Habs in general. 


    His idiotic turnover early in the first led us to being pinnned in our own end for a full minute.  He brings nothing...it's time to stop dressing him.

  3. Once again, this bunch returns to a fun brand of hockey after looking blah against Minnesota...great game to watch.  Part of me wanted Arber to punch out a St. Louis player after they started roughing it up when down 3, especially after Krug engaged our Captain, but I get that it's not the right time to fight.  Glad Caufield continued to fill the net, and that Slaf looked dangerous on several occasions.

  4. That was fun as hell to watch, and it checked all the boxes:


    Caufield continues to fill the net...check

    Slaf gets his first....check

    Arber drops the other team's heavyweight, and throws his weight around defending his teammates...check

    Suzuki scores a highlight reel goal...check


    Full value for entertainment....I like this team a lot.

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