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  1. The habs's worst nightmare line: Elias-Thornton-Varada McLaren-Chelios Brodeur ------------------------------------------------- Elias - Fights with Zednik (or is that Samsonov) Thornton - C vs C with Koivu. Dirty MoFo Varada - Remember when he took out Theodore last season. :mad: I just about lept through the TV McLaren - : DUH : Chelios - Couldn't think of anyone else, but seeing as we lost him Brodeur - We always suck against him :guru: BTW, who makes the smileys? : Guru : one is funny as. Also, is Guru on this board? [Edited on 2003/5/20 by TheAussiePosse]
  2. Well, if they did, how would I be the first one to know about it? Anyway, here's my take on it. Brisebois is still a valuable defensemen, and AS has to trade him because: a.) he has a large salary b.) to make room for our next PP QB (Markov) c.) to give Montreal a scapegoat (the Paris trip) He was a good defensemen some of the years, and it'll be a shame to let him go, but it will represent that the times have changed. The Youth Movement will be official However, the question is not just "who for" but also "who to"? I know think that Tverdovsky wouldn't be enough. While we aren't really in a position to demand a high return, it's not like Brisebois is a suck-all player. Tverdovsky would be another Markov, except more defensively liable than Brisebois, and not half as physical. If Rivet can be a bit mroe physical, I'd accept that. But Komisarek, Souray and Quintal will be the physical D's(assuming 'Soo' and 'Quit' will be with us at the start of next season), so Rivet will just have to be like Dykhuis of 2 years ago, and be solid in his own end, and add a few points here and there. With Markov anchoring the No.1 PP, Tverdovsky would go well on the 2nd PP as QB, but I'd prefer to give that to Hainsey (when up from minors), Souray (we missed his shot this year) or Komisarek (known for low, hard shot as well as being "the Wall"). So Brisebois for Tverdovsky straight up wouldn't work, especially if we were eating part of his salary. So with NJ an option, but not a definite answer, we turn to my brilliant idea (not to be immodest or anything): Brisebois to Toronto!!! Losing Svehla to retirement, Housley (not resigned), and Wesley back to CAR via UFA, they'll need a defensemen. It seems like an ideal choice, as: a.) Toronto (known as the Yankees of NHL, though IMO that's the Rangers) can afford his salary b.) While they are a conference rival, look how Hackett's doing in Boston. I dont feel that bad about the trade. c.) The have a tonne of good prospects who could help us out, even just a small one. As I've said all year long, Ric Jackman is a quality prospect, and would definitely help our blueline in the future. Young, mean streak, hard shot from point. Like Komisarek, but not as big a hitter. Here's a link: http://www.forecaster.ca/demo/hockey/player.cgi?1729 :/) He's worth looking at. Apart from the other 10 great prospects on the Laffs. Other teams we could look at sending him to are: LA - Although we'd definitely have to eat salary, they have more NHL-calibre prospects than the Laffs, and trading Schneider means they need a PP QB. Brisebois, with half his salary for the first year, could do well there. FLA - Need veterans, and help on the blueline. With OZO gone, they could go for him. He'd fit in well there, though staying out of Keenan's doghouse could be hard. But hey, who says Keenan's there next year. NYR - Why not. They can afford it. Detroit doesn't need him, DAL isn't looking for one unless Hatcher goes, and STL won't need one until MacInnis dies (or retires) BTW, MacInnis for Norris (and I mean it) So who to, what for, and when. Those are all answers I'd like to know. Any more team ideas, lemme have 'em. and... :ghg:
  3. I log in, but after pressing submit (subliminal message? hehehe), it still says "You are not logged in" Hmm Oh well, I'll let you figure it out Anyways, on to trade talk
  5. YOU CYBER-SLEPT WITH SOMEONE ELSE!?!?! YOU...YOU...YOU... :mad: Well, that's it. No more sweet smell of B'adussy for you. Or puntang either. Nope, from now on Joe Thornton's getting munchies. It's part of his contract :contract:
  6. But seriously folks... What's the name of the Yahoo Fantasy Hockey League this season? When's it start. WHen can I join? -End PS: Denise Richards :bow:
  7. Obviously you're missing out in N.A. Here in Australia we have the "Aussie Burger" Beat that!
  8. :hlogo: PLAY GARON :mad: :mad: :mad: PLAY GARON Garon in net :idea: (BTW, this is just to see the cool emoticons etc. [Edited on 2003/5/23 by puck7x]
  9. Ribeiro is definitely a keeper. He hits, but like Bouillion, he fails to do much damage. I'm actually more inclined to trade Hossa more than anything. Sure, 5 goals in 4 games was great, but after that? I want AS to try out a Kid line next season, at the start. Hossa-Ribeiro-Ward. Not that it'll work, just to try it out. If Zednik goes on LW for a short time, and we play him with Koivu and Czerkawski/Audette, it might also work. However, IMO, Ribeiro stays over Hossa
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