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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen ... What you have just witnessed... We call that
  2. Boys ... the best part of tonight is that we finally have 2 scoring lines and 1 great grinder line. I'll be happy to see Tender/Ryder in on the 4th next game, and possibly OB.
  3. What was the crowd singing just then? It wasn't Ole, it wasn't "Tho-mas" ... but it was good!
  4. Wideman's not on the bench ... another Bruin injured? Nice play by Gorges - I'd like to see him playing forward, and we bring O'Byrne back. 3 F/Ds, you can't go wrong
  5. I am so sick of Sergei not learning his lesson about keeping your stick down and not hooking/tugging. I would honestly prefer to see Latendresse or Ryder on that line - the sole assist S. Kostitsyn has tonight was after 25 seconds of selfish play on the PP that was only saved by his older brother.
  6. Not for long, they'll hit the snooze button soon enough. KOSTITSYN, SCORE THE NEXT GOAL! plskthnxbye
  7. He's back and starting the 2nd period, so that's good.
  8. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/boxscore?gid=2008042110 LMAO ... it appears Montreal pulled the goalie and put every single player on the ice against every player on Boston when Komisarek scored the goal. Uh oh ... S. Kostitsyn might be injured for the game.
  9. Whoa ho ho ho, Cherry is fighting back. "I'm not against the Canadiens, I'm pro-Boston. I coached 5 years there, was coach of the year ... yada yada ... why wouldn't I be for Boston." What if Calgary plays Montreal in the Finals? "I'll pick the team with the most Canadians." Ugh ... douche.
  10. LMAO, Cherry's been told off for his Bruins' bias, and now he just won't even comment on them. Bwa ha ha ha. Wait ... is he wearing a yellow and black tie? Mother fffff...
  11. Hmm .. We have Koz, we have Syn, and we need a Tan. Then all Bruins' triangles are belong to us.
  12. Whoever scores the next goal will win the game. You heard it here first.
  13. Seriously ... I do actually want to see more than 1/3 of the screen when the game's on, regardless of whatever interesting statistic you dug up and put over black
  14. Our defense is going to cost us the game. Price is saving our asses yet again, and our forwards have got the spark back (loving the PKK line, but loving Chris Koivalev line more), but the invalids at the point or who cough the puck up in our zone because they hear footsteps are going to hurt us bad. Go PK boys!
  15. I wonder if there's a website we can go to that lets us bribe officials. The fact that they've called three diving penalties on us in the past two games makes me think Boston got to to them first. Bribes-r-us.com/NHL maybe?
  16. haha, or Bill O'Reilly and demand they "cut his mic" whenever he tries to butt in. Even if he is the host.
  17. Haha, fair enough. Maybe call up and explain that you're prefer to do it pre-recorded. That way they can edit it out in the next 3 1/2 hours. Say you're in witness protection program or something, and you can't talk live or your life is in jeopardy. Alternatively, just ask them if you can rant for 10 minutes, if they can email you the questions first, and you'll go from there. Shouldn't be a problem
  18. Hey Koz, Check your Sympatico email, 940 Montreal wants to interview you
  19. I've been advocating Stewart since the regular season. Yes, we all know he only got to play one game. But there is no doubt his youthful exuberance, his speed, and what appears to be a knack for getting to the net would all have come in use in any of the three losses we had when older players with no balls, or younger leaders with no heart, sat around and hoped for a hero. No, Stewart is not that hero. But if we're relying on 3rd liners to get the job done, then we better bring a few more of them up. At least he would have done something stupid/smart like try to goad Lucic/Chara into a fight.
  20. Or he gets back up like Kariya and scores the GWG. And I'd be banking on the latter.
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