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  1. 27 minutes ago, TurdBurglar said:

    According to Philippe Boucher, GM of the Drummondville Voltigeurs, Cole Caufield has already signed an extension and they are waiting to announce it.


    There’s a reason this is in the rumours section.

    Lol what would the GM of a junior team know about that?

  2. 3 hours ago, PMAC said:

    One outside the top 5 pick for PLD? That seems like a bargain for the Habs but what if Mickayov(sp) falls to that level? Interesting dilemma for HuGort but I doubt bey much that the Jets would be interested in that deal. 


    It's a good price, but we're still at the stage of amassing premium assets rather than fine-tuning by swapping them out for shorter-term pieces. Add that to the chance of him coming here for free in a year, and it would be a bonehead move to acquire Dubois.


    For once, let's live out the fairytale of a Quebec star signing here to win a Cup!

  3. 8 hours ago, TurdBurglar said:

    Read an interesting proposal on a B-rated sports news site that was sort of interesting.


    If Montreal’s pick is outside the top-5 this year after the draft lottery is completed, trade that to Winnipeg for Dubois.


    What do you guys think?


    No way we trade either of our first rounders for a 25 year old. If Dubois really wants to come here he can sign another one year deal and come here as a UFA. Otherwise no reason to divert from the rebuild.

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  4. So I guess Byron will retire this offseason? I thought he would have been a good deadline pickup at 50% retained for a contender if he was back on the ice this year, he was always a solid playoff performer.


    Wouldn't have beaten the Leafs without his epic third period dangle in game one.

  5. McCagg on Marinaro a few days ago said that he didn't think the Habs would draft any Russian players, and whether or not his intel is right I imagine there are a few NHL clubs thinking along these lines. This could be a recipe for Michkov to fall into our lap, and I saw a stats guy on twitter saying that MM is one of the best European prospects we've ever seen based on the numbers. 

  6. It's so unfortunate that the first star in home wins has to endure the cringeworthy on-ice Marc Denis interview. Cole seemed like his dog just died. Slaf was the only one who had fun with it, and that's cause he was brand new to the league and hadn't yet been made into a standard NHL automaton when speaking to the press (which apparently has happened to our Cole, who we know has a lot of personality and used to seem like such a boisterous and exuberant young man).

  7. 16 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:


    I do not want to defend how I feel, or go and find the interviews I remember. But that is how I feel. I cannot lie about how I feel, should I ?!


    OK so your feelings don't make sense and are not backed up by any good reasons. It's up to you if you don't want to reevaluate them, but it also tells us how much value we should give them.

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