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  1. Lecavalc*** is the heart and soul of Tampon Bay and they are in worse shape than us.
  2. Koivu is the heart and soul of the Canadiens, I could care less what Ribs has to say.
  3. I have my panic button read but I hope I won't have to use it.
  4. say like when the Habs were down 6-1 to the Bruins and the Hunchback (Lucic) was gloating and taunting the Montreal bench after he beat K-Rex in a fight?
  5. sure, at about the two minute mark. http://www.youtube.com/swf/l.swf?swf=http%...;fs=1&hl=en
  6. what a crock of sh*t!!! Did Grabber get suspended for is spear on Price? NO. Did Sauer get suspended for his head shot on Kostitsyn? NO. the NHL is such a f*cking joke, it ain't funny any more.
  7. maybe Begin has an injury and the team isn't saying anything about it?
  8. I want to see LaRock kick both Thornton's and Lucic's a$$ tonight.
  9. I never once said it was my own, I said many times in the past where I was getting the info from.
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