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  1. Thank you for giving us the chance to make the comeback, Halak And I'm out GO HABS GO
  2. Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Higgins is by far the best line out there tonight...again..
  4. Johnson doesn't score often, but when he does - It is so clutch!
  5. I hope someone knocks out that big piece of crap (Ward)
  6. Great play by the habs so far....Somebody seriously needs to give Higgins a new stick...is it just me or has he fanned on awfully many shots lately
  7. Dare we say it - another must-win game. I hate the Bruins, GO HABS GO
  8. I don't know if he will, but that pisses me off. It was the team's own fault for throwing 3.5 million on this guy, if Sammy got paid 1 mill people wouldn't ever bitch about him. He isn't producing, but I still think with his backchecking and hustle and passing skills, this team is not being hindered with him on the ice. Carbonneau just expected too much out of him I think, and I did too, however I still hope he will get another chance to prove us all wrong, it is a pleasure to watch him play.
  9. Late reply, just got back to Toronto an hour ago... Wow is all I can say, the Bell Centre is something else, the atmosphere there cannot possibly be compared to any other team in the NHL, especially against rivals like Toronto. Every time i go to the ACC to see the habs (previous ones were losses, 5-1 and 4-1) i have to take the walk of shame back to the train and having all the leaf fans chirping the habs fans...Finally it's good to be the majority instead of the minority and every leaf fan got an earful in the halls after that one haha Heading back to Montreal on the 31st to see them play the sabres... That city rocks
  10. That's true. However, I still would prefer Ribeiro over Niinimaa. I hope Gainey really has a productive offseason because this team cannot return next year looking the same. Big shake up is needed in my opinion, keep the youth, get rid of some of the older un producing players, Keep kovalev though
  11. Well, I have tickets to Habs/Leafs game on the 17th of march in montreal....and tickets to Habs/sabres on the 31st in Montreal... I think I could be in for a show the way they are playing
  12. This is one of those games where I will just get on my knees and ask Halak to play to the best of his ability...and same thing for the rest of the team. Must win game.
  13. I understand that we do not have a true #1 goalie right now, but personally it is so hard to give up this season BECAUSE we all have experienced them win ALOT earlier this season...once we have seen it, it is hard to say to yourself we cant do that again I HAVE FAITH TILL ITS ALL OVER GO HABS GO
  14. Lately im talking what Eklund says as a grain of salt...like everyone else... I do see Gainey being active when free agency starts. im watching colorado and detroit and man is Datsyuk somethin else, his passes and dekes leave me in awe. i hope we can land this guy to play with kovalev
  15. i hope it is. this team needs to win games, and especially these ones against the lower teams.
  16. I understand, but there is no other place on the net where you won't hear this from Habs fans especially. It's god damn frustrating when you are 21-8 at one point in the season and now you are fighting for a playoff spot and getting raped by teams who are way out of the picture. that shows no effort, and I don't have a spot in my heart for half assing it when you NEED these points. If they are tired, I'll give them that but if they keep these performances up I am going to LOSE it.
  17. Bob said he believes we can make the post season with our current roster Ya...uhh....hmm.....i dont think so EDIT: not with this effort im seeing...
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