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  1. I highly doubt that is the case, if you remember last year we were one of the top teams in the league before the all star break, the team just completely fell apart. Nobody was complaining in December that guys didn't work hard in the offseason.
  2. I wish Lats would start hitting again, use his body to put pressure on the defensemen to create a turnover or something. He is absolutely invisible out there.
  3. It always gets so chippy around here after a loss, after the next win we will all love each other again
  4. So I'm guessing Dags is gonna be out for a while. That means Laraque get's in for his customary fight with Orr tomorrow. I would bench Kosty or Lats as well and let Stewart play for a little added toughness, while sending a message to whoever is the odd man out.
  5. It's not that you're throwing him under the bus but i would say you definitely show a bias towards Halak. I have yet to hear you say anything about a bad play/goal by Halak, and you are very quick to point out when he makes a nice save. When Price is in, not so much. He get's called on every technical flaw, or perceived "bad goal". Price was the only reason it was close tonight.
  6. I honestly do not understand your thinking on this one, the shot beat him 5 hole didn't it? So its not like he was beaten because he didn't cut down an angle or something. If anything being out on top of the crease would have given him less reaction time on that shot. But anyway Kostitsyn should be sat next game for that poor excuse of a back-check, You give Pat Kane that much time to look around and set up a play and you are asking for trouble. And why couldn't we generate one Damn good scoring chance in the third period on a team that played the night before?
  7. Gionta is beginning to worry me. He started out so well, hopefully he can break out of his mini slump.
  8. Yeah if only we didnt give the Blackhawks 2 periods to rest
  9. Kopecky was right on top of him in the blue paint. Price had nowhere to go.
  10. Not a bad first period. The Habs really need to start generating so offense though. Hammer had the best chance for them that period, all alone in front, and he hit Huet right in the chest.
  11. Wow he really held on for dear life there.
  12. Lol Did Gill just take out Price? Chicago is really controlling most of the play tonight...they are scaring me.
  13. Price is really playing the puck well tonight.
  14. If that isn't a head shot I don't know what is...
  15. +1 You have to wonder is it the the Pens are that much better than us, or we played that poorly. Probably a little of both I suppose. With the Isles beating the Rangers tonight, was our achievement really that good. (beating the Rags that is) Since they only have 1 win in their last 4.
  16. Price doesn't get that loss right? The Habs would have had to score 4 goals for that to happen. Reason I ask is because the TSN ticker has Price saddled with the loss.
  17. Tell me about it, I'm gonna throw up...we HAVE to beat the Leafs.
  18. Lol Gomez kinda looked back as he was chasing Kunitz, like where the hell are are the D.
  19. Nice to see the Pen's still using Malkin and Crosby on the PP...classy
  20. Georges gets caught not moving his feet. Staal went around him like he was standing still.
  21. Why did they feel the need to call a penalty on that play? It was obviously accidental. It isn't Gills fault he's as agile as a Bulldozer.
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