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  1. Everyone remember how quiet Lucic was when we had Laraque shadowing him earlier in the year.
  2. If we make the playoffs and face the Bruins in the first round, Laraque needs to be in the lineup, or the Bruins will just keep doing whatever the hell they want.
  3. good thing laraque isn't in the lineup we might win one of these fights
  4. wow 4 mintes for OB!?! how the hell did we get 4 there, seriously somebody explain it. I dont want to blame the refs but that deserves an explanation
  5. Yeah like it was great when Lucic hit OB after the whistle, but when Gorges hit Bergeron it was dirty and sour grapes.
  6. This is why Laraque should have been in the god damn lineup!
  7. Agreed. I wonder if they will have BGL shadow Lucic again. May keep him from taking a run at Schneider.
  8. Or BGL gets the only penalty and guys start saying "what a dumb play by laraque....takes away a pp...great signing by gainey."
  9. I can almost guarantee someone will pay over 5 million for Komisarek. (rumor is the islanders have a 6 million per deal waiting for him on July 1st) And we're talking long term like 7 years. Lesser players have been signed for a lot more. I believe this year is a fluke year for Mike, he's had bad luck with the injury, possibly still not 100%, he was playing great before the Lucic fight. Next year when he is 100% healthy I have a feeling he will return to form. I just hope he loves it here and will give us a home town discount.
  10. Once Timmy Thomas wakes up and realizes he's Tim Thomas, his new contract is going to look awfully big. Here's hoping he realizes who he is starting on Thursday.
  11. I hate the Bruins announcers...they just said "be sure to watch on Thursday when the Bruins face the most nervous team in North America. The Montreal Canadiens." even if it is true, they could be a little more professional
  12. Well Price looked really good in the third. Hopefully that gives him confidence heading into Thursday's game. The Bruins can be beaten.
  13. That was a weak holding call. Someones gonna have to cherry pick on this pk. Wow, 9-0 final canes. Outshot the Islanders 56-11.... How many 2 on 1's have the Rangers had tonight. And another Crossbar
  14. Man, the canes are up 8-0. Whoever faces them in the first round is going to be in tough.
  15. He's lucky since it was his pinch that gave them the 2 on 1.
  16. Well it's nice to see at least Carey decided to come out for the third. 2-1 Flyers!
  17. Lol I've always found that funny, when Kovy does it it's a great shot, but when someone does it to us, our goalies suck...
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