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  1. couldn't they have called that a goal....he did have a wide open net
  2. I'm guessing Gainey wanted a shot from the point. Laraque was there to stand in front of the net and nothing more
  3. Great win but I still can't believe Markov and Schneider could be out...
  4. Dear God I hope Markov is only out because Gainey doesnt want to risk anything. That would be a huge loss in a game that was already decided.
  5. Halak gives it away to start the play. meh. doesnt matter much in a 4-0 game. Boys just need to keep playing hard.
  6. ...wait for it. I feel a beached whale comment coming up.
  7. It's a penalty. Just never called. Habs get all the breaks.
  8. I wouldn't really say it was their only chance. However, most of our chances seemed to be a lot of traffic and no real shots, the puck is just sitting there waiting to be knocked in. We just need someone to do it.
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