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  1. Sigh, I don't want to rag on Halak, but he should have had the first goal and got beat pretty good on the second.
  2. If only he would stop putting that shot of his right into the goalies stomach.
  3. Nice to see Price come back strong after sitting for so long. That brings up the question of who starts tomorrow? Something tells me it's gonna be Halak since it's a back to back situation.
  4. Totally agree. We were all over the sens for the first 2 periods. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Leclaire was outstanding. Although the fourth line played a little too much for my liking when we were down by one. Overall a very strong effort.
  5. Guess this is Prices chance to get back in there. lol and Cammalleri won the face-off.
  6. Why wouldn't he pull the goalie... Face-off in the offensive zone, just over a minute to go.
  7. 5 minutes to go and Martin is still rolling 4 lines.
  8. Why is the fourth line playing so much when we are down by a goal?
  9. According to the guys on Sportsnet, the war-room in Toronto said it was the correct call. Neil was in the Blue paint and did not allow Halak to effectively play his position. No goal but no penalty either.
  10. Here's the link http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=303807 I thought for sure Plex would have gotten one too
  11. Interesting point made on the hot stove as well. CBA rules do not allow Gainey to negotiate with Plekanec until January, because he signed a 1 year deal.
  12. Hmm I wonder who should be 2 of the NHL 3 stars this week? Plex and Halak for 1 and 2?
  13. On another note, Boucher was injured in Philly tonight. Interesting.
  14. Un freakin believable. I doubt it was his back because he seemed to jump up pretty quickly after scoring. Something like a cut though he may not have noticed for a second or 2. Hopefully he is ok.
  15. Was MAB hurt on the play. He seemed to have some trouble getting off the ice, and he went right to the dressing room.
  16. Hedberg is begging to be scored on. He has been so shaky. You get the feeling that any shot could go in, but Atlanta is doing a good job of getting in the way of the shots now.
  17. Serves them right. Maybe they'll stop relying on the goalies so often and maybe show up for a first period or 2.
  18. You had better take another Viagra then because Roy gave up a ton of softies. Your memory is far too subjective. Rick Natress from centre ice. No screen. In fact after the first 2 games in the 93 playoffs people were crying for Red Light Raccicot to start.
  19. So did this Bias just start this year? Did the refs just all of a sudden start hating the province of Quebec? Because while we are last in powerplay opportunities this year, last year we led the league. That's right nobody had more powerplay chances then the Habs. The year before that we were 5th in powerplays. Keep in mind that the refs also don't come with built in PVR's, they don't have the benefit of Slow motion replay. A penalty is not a reviewable play unfortunately. So it's not like they can just go upstairs to check it. Most times if a ref sees a player take one hand off his stick and place it around another player or on there shoulder they are going to call a hold, the player know they are not allowed to do this, and the players who are being "held" know when they need to sell it. We are also leading the League in giveaways. (by a huge margin btw. 469 for the Habs. The next closest is Edmonton with 382. Phoenix is best with 154 giveaways) You don't think maybe the amount of times we give away the puck forces us to panic a little more and grab on a little bit more? Anyway I hate defending the refs because nobody yells at their TV more than I do. But I also know that there are BS calls made against every team.
  20. Most penalties that are called are not of the "dirty variety" They are called for hooks, holds, and trips. That has nothing to do with being clean or dirty. It's caused by being outworked. Until the Habs are able to get some sustained pressure on teams for long periods of time they are most likely going to come out on the short end of the stick. Because they are not forcing other teams to grab on. Hopefully when Markov comes back his offensive instinct and breakout passes will force other teams to be out of position, and they will take a few more penalties against us. And maybe because he more often then not comes away with the puck when battling for it on the boards that will limit the other teams pressure/territorial advantage, causing us to take less of those desperate penalties.
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