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  1. If Sabres win it is because they are hungrier and they are at home, we sound flat but no shame, anyway the third period might be different. Actually, better we lose a couple or a few now than when the playoffs start. We had points in something like 13 of the last 15 games, that couldn't go on forever!
  2. Thanks simonus, that's a long time. Also looking back, did you know that only four current Leafs players had already been born the last time their team won the Cup? (and the Leafs have an old team!)
  3. Edmonton won their 4th in a row, they are just one point back of the Blues for 8th in the west! When was the last time all the Canadian teams made the playoffs?
  4. Can't win 'em all, great to get a point now the East is really tightening up. :hlogo:
  5. Is it because the firewagon brand of hockey in the QMJHA exposes them to so many shots? Is it because there are superior goaltending coaches in Qc? Cold weather? Genetics? The poutine factor? I was following Brodeur and Garon's performances and I started to wonder, what do you think? [Edited on 2004/3/20 by JeanLucPilon]
  6. Nice to come out with character in the first period! :ghg:
  7. Boullion's family must be there. He got a big cheer when he was introduced.
  8. Yup, sorry of course Go Flyers! and of course I want the Laffs to lose bad. But if this were the final game of the season (standings as they are now), I would have to (gulp!) cheer for.... (ahem) err, the Laffs May the Gods and the Ghost of Howie Morenz Forgive Me!!!
  9. Who do I like in this one, hmmm? Naturally I want to see the Laffs lose, but I don't want Philly to take first overall and maybe we end up playing TB, who has our number. Of course, there are still plenty of games left and the race is so close things will change. Ok, really should have been a no-brainer: GO FLYERS!!! :que::hlogo::can: [Edited on 2004/3/19 by JeanLucPilon]
  10. Wow, shows how wrong the "experts" can be! Note that those are predictions for conference, too!
  11. Ryder!!!:hlogo::hockey::hockey: Now get the go-ahead Kovalev!
  12. Wow, with those smiles, they look like they do a lot of, er, master baking. Now, just heard a Village People song POM ad!!!
  13. "the three POM master bakers"??? Did they really say that?
  14. Well, we were in 6th place for about two minutes, anyway. Yup, take the point, Leafs lost so let's get ready for Saturday!
  15. IC Yeah, first goal will take a lot of pressure off Kovalev. Hope he gets it tonight!
  16. ...how do you think Kovalev looks so far?
  17. My 2 cents worth. I didn't see the incident but have read a lot about it and if it happened the way it's been described then Bertuzzi deserves a suspension for the rest of the season and the playoffs as well. Moore has a busted neck, will he walk again? Is that certain? Next time this sort of thing happens maybe the guy won't walk again. Sure hockey is a tough physical game, but as the playoffs approach, I don't want to worry that a player will decide to intentionally injure ("take out") Ribs or someone on our team, that is a different matter from the normal flow of the game. The league has to send a strong message that this sort of premeditated assault won't be tolerated. [Edited on 2004/3/10 by JeanLucPilon]
  18. Thanks guys, and later -- I have to head out and do some stuff.
  19. IC Thanks Toren, Dowd sounds like the perfect pickup
  20. 4 min Is Dowd used much on the pk?
  21. haha yes! so far so good! Wow! I'm impressed, so far you're not only on track with the score, and the goalscorers, but you have also predicted the scorers in order!!!
  22. Yeah Josh, No need to apologize, I wasn't complaining I simply didn't know what "goal by goal" was so I asked. Anyway, I know how challenging it is to write sports on the fly, and you do a pretty good job from what I've seen so far. Thanks from someone who can't watch on TV!
  23. Anybody -- Where is this site's "goal by goal" area I have heard about?
  24. Hey! Who do you think NK would do if they wanted to "do something drastic"? They would nuke my ass, that's what! Of course then you would be invaded by a wave of cute Japanese girl refugees, but they would all be radioactive. Maybe New Zealand could go nuclear instead? [Edited on 2004/3/9 by JeanLucPilon]
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