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  1. CMOOOOOOOON!!!!!! Why cant we get some damn goals? I HATE THIS! Sitting here until 4 in the morning and the team loses... its worse than suicide... AAAAAAAAAARGHH Cant lose this game. WIN DAMNIT!!!
  2. a tampa-san jose hockeyfinal = a Vancouver - Ottawa beachball final.
  3. sounds like Khabibulin is killing us tonight... CMOOON GET THAT 1-0 GOAL PLS!!! :ghg:
  4. Im getting so mad on the espn board... Only trolls rule it nowadays and then its the stupid idiot LINDEN_FAN. Gotto leave that sick stupid board soon... GO HABS GO win this one tonight.
  5. maybe its good that they put zednik with Ribs and Ryder... 2 good scoring lines would help alot but they need to show more heart.
  6. hmm... ok... then it were going to be 3-1 montreal when they got back from 0-3 to win it in OT and then the canes had 2-2 and turned it around... ok... still I hope we win 4 straight... :ghg:
  7. We do like the Canes did to us 2002... Win 4 straight games now. I think our biggest problem has been that we have changed our game against tampa... against Boston we played OUR defensive game but against tampa we have forgotten Defence. We need to learn to clear our zone. We also need to play DEFENCE FIRST like in game 7 against boston. We have to stop trying to be that BIG PHYSICAL TEAM that checks them all the time caus we arent that kind of team. All it got us in game 2 was penalties.
  8. We need one of those darn winningstreaks to start NOW!!! CMOOOOON!!! 12 in a row... how hard can it be? :ghg: might be here listening to the next game. cya then.
  9. ..........:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::?- Wheres the team that played game 7 against boston? These guys mustve been picked out from a retirement-home. Why even bother to play the games if its going to look like this? If they play like this in montreal its cheating the fans for their money since this rubbish isnt even worth getting paid to watch.
  10. they show it on tv in sweden where I live... so Im happy
  11. Ill be watching the game tonight (afternoon to most of you) I think we will win tonight. Prediction: HABS: 6 (Souray 2, Koivu 2, Ryder, Perreault) TB: 3 (Modin 2, Lecavalier) shots: HABS: 32 TB: 44 3stars 1st Theodore 2nd: Modin 3rd: Souray :ghg:
  12. Tampa wins TB: 4 HABS:1 I hope Im wrong
  13. Damn... Well I guess we dont need a goon like Langdon against Tampa since they arent as uglyplaying as the Bruins. GO SWEDE GO (Sundström) :ghg:
  14. The thing is that Nylander almost allways plays REALLY well on team sweden. He rules on the bigger european rinks.
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