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  1. thanks for the 2 points Theo. Poor Ottawa. VICTORY!!! :hlogo:
  2. a thing I hear on the radio is this... allways when the habs have a scoring chance they say (couldnt pull the trigger) while when the other teams have scoring chances they say (SAVE BY THEODORE!!!) We need people who can make the other goalies touch the puck.
  3. how about that... we choke another lead... fantastic defence system we use... The system works like this... if we are lucky... we tie and get 1 point. GAAAAAAAAHHHHHH WE SUCK
  4. maybe something is wrong with the habs tonight... 2 goals in 30 seconds... scary... GO HABS GO WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YEAH HAHAHAHA
  5. prediction: Habs : 2 Sens : 5 I will leave the computer in period 1 since the sens will be leading 3-0. Zednik with 1 goal Koivu with 2 assists Markov with 1 goal Theo will be yanked in period 2 after allowing 4-0 just 30 seconds into the period. I hope I am wrong but I think its a possible scenairo :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  6. Juneau on first line? What next, Gino Odjick as head coach?
  7. Why not try Koivu and Hossa on the same line... with Kilger. That would almost be a big sized line with a good passer (Koivu), a good shooter (Hossa) and a guy in front of the net (Kilger)... at least Hossa had a good shot earlier. I would trade almost everything on this team for a thomas Holmström. He rules in front of the net.
  8. How can a team start so good just to start playing like last year a week after? Is it because the other teams hadnt woken up? Someone tell me please.
  9. Two struggling teams facing eachother... Could be a good game... if the habs wants to show up. Kilger might help. GO HABS GO :swe: :fin: :swe: ps. hope the flags worked.
  10. lovely... feels good to be a habsfan nowadays... gnight all
  11. 3-0 HABS Andreas Dackell (Juneau, Bulis)
  12. 2-0 HABS Marcel Hossa (Ribeiro, Quintal)
  13. 1-0 HABS Perreault (Ryder) :hlogo:
  14. well... gametime... HABS: 2 Isles: 4 Its time to lose... sorry... I hope not though.
  15. richard plays with Leksand now... the same as Rastislav
  16. I think this guy played in St. Louis last year. He has signed a deal with my swedish team Leksand for 6 months (remainder of swedish season I think) Anyone know if he is any good? /Dalhabs
  17. night all... I dont feel like getting very tired tomorrow over this team...
  18. VERY good... now I can do like the bears and go to sleep for the winter and wake up to see who we pick with our number 1 overall draft pick next summer. can someone tell me why montreal sucks this much?
  19. WHY is komi benched? He should be on this team
  20. Hey puck, If u need info from sweden I can try to help u you guys with that. Dont expect to much though caus Im no reporter
  21. Habs will totally take sens by suprise, 4 goals in period 1 total score: Habs - 6 Sens - 2 GO HABS GO!!!
  22. well then... get ready to trade Perreault or Ribeiro around christmas... let them decide who should move
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