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  1. Why would you defend PG ? Would you do that in public ? We've gone from final four to bottom four in two short years. This roster that he and BG built sucks. Anyone that knows anything about hockey knew that in September.
  2. I know,what a surprise that 5'10 creampuff dman gets hurt. Undersized,old and fragile players get hurt in this sport.
  3. It's good entertainment when it goes so many rounds. Moreso if it's a big game in the standings.Not so great for the hockey purist in us though
  4. Good news we got a SO win,bad news we're now drafting 8th
  5. We got to start moving the UFA's before the deadline before they all get hurt.
  6. Price finally wins a SO for us. And the order of shooters was perfect,maybe for the 1st time all year.
  7. Darche getting double shifted in OT. RC is on the tank bandwagon.
  8. On second thoughts it's not a bad idea. Though it's an obvious attempt at tanking. Hopefully there will be no more whining about Pitt and Chic. tanking a few years back.
  9. No,it would have been a needed upgrade.Every upgrade helps. Your opinion of my posts mean nothing to me btw Not around here,since LL is the only player of the last 4 drafts that have played in the NHL. Talk about incompetence.
  10. I guess you enjoy being a fan of a mediocre to loser organization,who's yearly goal is to make the playoffs. Enjoy the battle for the bottom , the draft,and talking about the impact an 18 yr old will make on the Habs in 3 years.
  11. Gill is great(the best in league) on 5 on 3 pk,good on 5 on 4. But 5 on 5 he's just another stiff that we have to get rid of on our blue line.We need to bridge the gap for the next 2-3 yrs until some prospects are hopefully ready to come up. Keep PK,Gorges and Emelin,do anything possible to dump the rest and replace with big physical crease clearers.
  12. Why send Palushaj down if we don't have enough forwards. And A.Stewart clears waivers.But then again we have Darche so why bother. He'll be here next year also. . So sick of these piles of crap that masquerade as hockey management in Montreal.
  13. In fairness,i always pointed tot he PK to even out the pathetic PP.So the special teams are average..at best
  14. Maybe 8 dmen dreesing tonight ? Campoli and Weber on the 4th line.Not going to follow with" lol" because it actually could happen
  15. Gill,our 2nd (31-35th overall), and either Kristo,Weber or another pick/mid-prospect. And get his brother of waivers. Then we can work on rebuilding the defense
  16. I like players that come up big in big games/playoffs.That's why I like Cammi and Halak so much,and don't care for AK at all,and Markov as much as others do. Actually I found the ignore button,so I won't get baited. I always took alot of dumb retaliatory penalties when I played,probably 90% of them.Not saying any of my attacks were dumb. To me,there's nothing positive from this season other than DD,Pacs,Cole and Emelin.On the positive side that's almost 20% of our team
  17. Serious question: do you think PG even knows(or cares) that he's on waivers,or knows anything about him?
  18. #4 dman is 2nd pairing. He has more heart than any Hab. I really like him. Good,solid dman. But great? No.Not now,not ever. He will never make an allstar team. And 200 lbs is undersized for a defensive dman who goes into the "dirty" areas like he does.
  19. True,but he has 6g 7 a and a +4 on the'Canes. He had 39 pts with Atl. last yr,cap hit of 900k,and a young hometown boy.If that's not worth taking a gamble on,especially the cap hit,then what is? Darche or Stewart? Nokie or Stewart.? Weber or Stewart for 4th line?
  20. I shouldn't respond to this,but: Kaberle is unmovable b/c of contract.And I'd love to get a big dman. Gomez even moreso.One of the worst contracts ever. Markov is done,imo.A Markie timeline 07-08 playoffs: subpar because of "bad back" 08-09 playoffs: injured 09-10 45 reg season games,missed final 2 playoff rounds,we beat Pitt w/o him. And was outplayed by Gill/Gorges and Hamr vs. Wash 10-11: played 7 games total 11-12 games so far. Career playoff stats 49 games 3g 15 a 18 pts. At some point you have to move on.
  21. The question then is having a good enough,deep and durable defense to only play Gill pk duty and 5-10min/gm of 5 on 5.At this point,no.Pk and Emelin can handle 20+min/gm,Gorges can here and there,but would get worn out over the long haul + playoffs.IF Markov comes back,definitely no,and the rest are too small/bad
  22. Very tough to do,if not impossible. But not silly to hope for that.you could do a huge rebuild with the $17-18m wasted for Kab,Gom and Mark.What's silly is thinking those could be moved
  23. IMO Gill is THE biggest factor in the PK. Much moreso than Moen.And for years he has been the best 5 on 3 pker
  24. That's what i've thought for the past two years,even with the Gomez and Markov contract fiascos.And just imagine if we got those complimentary pieces AND had that $13m freed up. Oh well,at this point you can only dream what could have been,and it's why I am so pissed at mgmnt
  25. It's moves like those that coud really hasten a rebuild. Just need management to think the same way.And no more soft undersized dmen(Diaz,Weber,Campoli,Kaberle). Even Gorges is undersized,and would be a much better player as a #4/5.
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