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  1. I don't mind Gio,overpaid or not,if he has a big body on his line. Bourque-Pleks-Gio isn't a bad 2nd line to go with DD-Cole-Pacs.he definitely has heart and being captain,and his style,may push Bourque to be more of a consistent force.
  2. Do it now. Along with White,it's a great 2/3 of a 4th line for next year,keeping Blunden and Darche in Hamilton in case of injuries.If we sign him,I pledge not to knock PG/BG for a week
  3. The sad thing is,2 years ago we were in the final 4. Now we're in the bottom 4. We had a GREAT opportunity to be a feared contender. PG/BG blew it. Big time. We were a few pieces away to get there. Instead of going after available players such as Byufglien,Brewer,Reghier,O'Brien and similar,over the last 2 years,they dredged for Picard,Weber,Diaz,Campoli,and now Kaberle.it was obvious size was lacking .Prust, Ladd,,Rupp,Torres and similar were available,but they went with Darche,Halpern, various other softies and AHLers/#7 dmen to round out the bottom 6.JM also had to share some blame with his "toughness is overrated" philosophy.You can nitpick saying some of the above didn't fit/weren't available,but 2 from each category would have us battling for a top spot. The more we "showcase our UFAs the lower their value gets
  4. he's played "OK" relative to the last year,but 3 or 4 assists in appx 10 games isn't that great,contract or not. I've said since last year,that i don't question his effort,just tht he's washed up.
  5. keep in mind there are many similar options to Moen out there,so it's something the GM will have to shop hard,and for once look for the best offer,no matter who it is.Even if it's the Leafs or Bruins.
  6. Seriously? And break up the Cole-Pacs-DD line. That line is the only positive thing we've had going all year offensively.And you want to break it up just to give a minor league scrub top 6 duty.He is what he is, a minor league call-up/future jouneyman fill-in
  7. We are not small,but very often play small. Who on Boston would you categorize as a "goon". Norris winner Chara (1 fight this year) 30 goal scorer Lucic (2-4 fights) 4th liner Thornton (10 goals last year).There's a difference between rough and tough and goons. Bruins intimidate soft teams. But thye don't do that vs. Pens,Flyers,Rags,Sens and many others. it's kind of a misconception because they are bullies vs. creampuff teams like ours,Fla and Tampa for example.
  8. Of course he isn't. But like I said,people have him pegged as a 2nd liner next year.Probably the same ones that were saying Weber/Diaz are another Streit,or even worse,Eller is "Forsberg lite".I have np with him being a 1st or 2nd liner in Hamilton next year.I hope he becomes a 40 goal,1st liner for the habs in the near future.If it happens,it won't be for awhile.I'm just not ready to equate a 19 yr old playing against teenagers to playing against pro men.
  9. That's sad. I hope we can get some good forward prospects at the deadline to restock the shambles that PG/BG has turned Hamilton into
  10. I didn't watch game but saw box score.26 shifts today,20 min t.o.i. 1 hit,0 sog. DD,Pacs,Cole and Emelin are the only players on this team that have played up to expectations . Of course I want to see this roster gutted.Those 4,Price,Pleks and PK are the only Habs I really even want back,though that's not feasible. The team sucks,dude.And no excuse changes that.People act that they know the players personally and want most back. Need a proper housecleaning this time,starting with management
  11. He'll be two years older since the last good season coming off an injury plagued and crappy season. Do you think any team would give him $5m/yr for next 2 years.You probably do,but no team would 3 years ago.Also DD is in the top 6,that would make 3 midgets,and Gallagher has to earn NHL time never mind top 6.
  12. Not watching but hope he gets the shutout..
  13. Actually EVERY thing that is wrong with the Habs is about management.In a lost season I would like to see some different players up here. I don't follow Hamilton too close,but there must be other that are worth a look
  14. No one said he was a minor leaguer. I agree with this whole post. it seems if you don't say how great a player is,you're bashing him. Do these people realize we're battling for last place?
  15. 90% of Habfans,don't underestimate our players. Actually quite the opposite. I've never seen a fanbase in the 4 major sports,overestimate them as much,especially prospects.
  16. And how does Gio's 2 yrs/$10m after this year left on his contract disappear?Gallagher is a crapshoot,neither I nor you know how he will perform as an NHLer
  17. They can,but you think there is one team in the league that fears the Habs physically,or even fears any of those players.Other than Emelin and Cole ,those others are in the "average" category as far as physical play. And I think the leagues opinion of the habs softness is more accurate than us bloggers
  18. it's turning pretty apathetic. When I watch i want them to win,but really don't care if they don't. When I don't watch,I almost hope they lose. The main reason is so Molson grows a set and fires BG and PG. He gave PG an extension in the off-season,so my fear is that we are a late season surge from seeing this regime return.
  19. The injury excuse should be pretty worn out by now. Two prime examples are Pitt(Crosby,Stall,Letang,Neal, Asham) and Philly(Pronger,JVR,Briere,Giroux,Jagr) who've been missing players superior to anyone we have for various and long amounts of time but are still battling for high seeds,and are very hard to play against. While the Habs are the perfect team for the opposition to come back from injuries,because more often than not you'll be going against a very soft and easy to play against team
  20. He is developing. "He is going to double his production from last year".He got 17 pts last year. I would certainly hope he can get 34 pts,considering what we gave up to get him.But I predict he won't even get to that low total
  21. Well our 10-12 forwards(Blunden,Nokie,Darche) are terrible also.As bad as anyones in the league.
  22. He better get healthy then.That's the ceiling Is a guy with a career high 21 pts a 3rd liner? I'm thinking excellent 4th liner who has been asked to play top 9 minutes
  23. Nokie is another AHL at best calibre player that shouldn't even be on this roster. Another great PG move Blunden Darche Nokie Campoli Weber Gomez Kaberle Diaz Palushaj(AHL) What an awful team these two clowns have put together
  24. When AK disappears,he disappears. I'd just as soon not have eithe Bourque or AK here. These guys have proven they are not winners just by their inconsistent play and their disappearing acts in big games and/or playoffs. Unfortunately our system is so weak we are stuck with 1 or both for a while. At least with cammi there was only 2 years left on his contract,not 4 with Bourque
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