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  1. Best habs: 1-Rocket Richard: Best goal scorer of his time and first to score 50 in 50 and 500 in a career. 2-Guy Lafleur: 2 Hart trophies, 3 art ross trophies, 5 stanley cups, a conn smythe trophy, 6 straight seasons with 50 or more goals and 119 or more points. Guy Lafleur did it all. 3- Jean Beliveau: Class act, incredible stick handler and the best player ever for his size. 4- Henri Richard: Always overshadowed by his brother and Beliveau but he holds the record for most stanley cups. 5- Jacques Plante: One of the best goalies of all time, 7 Vezina trophies, 6 stanley cups, creator of the mask. 6- Patrick Roy: 2nd greatest goalie ever after Hasek IMO, but the reason I put him after Plante is because he only played 9 years here and the way he left. 7- Howie Morenz: First montreal canadiens star, although we dont know much about him. 8- Doug Harvey: 8 Norris trophies sais it all. 9- Larry Robinson: The big bird was one of the best two way defensemen of all time. 10- Yvan Cournoyer: Roadrunner was really underrated and probably the faster skater of all time Honourable mentions to Bob Gainey, Bernie Geoffrion, Toe Blake and Jacques Lemaire. [Edited on 2005/2/17 by Guy_Guy_Guy]
  2. Oh yeah the 3 montages I posted were not available anymore so I uploaded the Ryder one again. http://rapidshare.de/files-en/575884/Micha..._Ryder.wmv.html I'll upload the other two ASAP.
  3. Hey guys I finished creating a montage of the best plays from the 2003-2004 of the habs, a Jose Theodore montage and a Michael Ryder montage. Here are the links. When you click on them, on the new page scroll to the bottom and click on free, then wait for about 35 seconds until a new link appears and click on that and you shall be able to open or save it as you wish. Without further adeu here are the links! 5 minute Jose Theodore montage: http://rapidshare.de/files-en/57959...ontage.wmv.html 5 minute Michael Ryder Montage: http://rapidshare.de/files-en/57588..._Ryder.wmv.html 7 minutes Habs 2003-2004 season montage: http://rapidshare.de/files-en/57011...ontage.wmv.html Enjoy!
  4. Ya but it kinda worked you know... look at the pool on http://rds.ca/hockey/ !!!! Vote for the bulldogs games!!
  5. Ok I've seen this question on another nhl forum (hfboards.com) Sorry not trying to advertise or anything. Anyways do you think that Gretzky would be as great today in all aspects of his game? 1- Would he be as productive in todays NHL? 2- Would he be able to withstand the hell lot more tough defenseman throughout the nhl and the defensive minded teams?
  6. http://www.petitiononline.com/br3r2342/petition.html Sign for the petition for RDS to show games of the Bulldogs of the ahl!!!! They think that noone will watch it but they are wrong! Sign up guys as much as you want we just need as much votes as we can!!! We've got about 850 already!! [Edited on 2004/10/25 by Guy_Guy_Guy] [Edited on 2004-12-29 by puck7x]
  7. http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentSe...ol=970081593064 Great job Owners!
  8. Um... I think I would bring back Guy Lafleur as he spent most of his career in the 70-s but if hes not eligible then I'd bring back Rocket Richard or Jean Beliveau.
  9. As we all know the habs surprised everybody last year by not only making the playoffs with 94 points and 41 wins but by also eliminating the "heavily favored" 2nd place Boston Bruins after being down 3 games to 1. Even though the second round against the stanley cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning didn't turn out the way we wanted to, the season for the habs was as Bob Gainey said a success. Now here are the top 10 habs from last year. 1-Saku Koivu: Captain of the team and a great leader. Struggled at the beggining of the season after his comeback but shortly thereafter showed his talent by accumulating 55 points in only 68 games. 2-Richard Zednik: Was a dominant scorer throughout the season as he tallied a team high 26 goals and 50 points in 81 games. However he had a couple of scoring slumps troughout the year which was a downfall from his 31 goals the year before. 3- Alexei Kovalev: Acquired during the trade deadline from the New York Rangers, habs fans were really excited only to be dissapointment when Kovalev scored only 1 goal in the remaining 12 games of the season. However when Claude Julien placed him on the top line with Zednik and Koivu he showed his overwhealming talent by amassing 6 goals and 10 points in 11 playoff games. 4- Mike Ribeiro: Finally we saw the breakout year for Mike Ribeiro and what a productive season he had leading all of his team in points with 65, assists with 45 and was third in goals with 20. Enjoyed much of his success with fellow wingers Pierre Dagenais and rookie sensation Michael Ryder. 5- Micheal Ryder: A real surprise, the Newfoundland native played a key role in the success of the habs this year. Ranked first in his team in shots, second in his team in points with 63, second in goals with 25 and third in assists with 38. 6- Steve Begin: Acquired by the habs from waivers, Begin's grit, determination, toughness and great checking showed what a great contributer he really is. In the playoffs, Begin lost a couple teeth when he intended to check Bergeron who bent over thus leaving Begin crashing into the boards. This lead to Begin showing his toughness once again by making a return later that night! 7- Sheldon Souray: Another shocker, Sheldon Souray once and for all proved that he was worthy of wearing a habs uniform as he lead all defenseman in not only his team but the whole league with 15 goals! However wrist and knee injured put sidelined Souray for much of the remainder of the season. Unfortunately Souray wasn't the same dominant player beyond his return. 8- Mike Komisarek: A hard nosed young defenseman, Komisarek earned himself a spot on the habs. At first, Komisarek went through a tough time making some rookie mistakes but hey noones perfect! However the playoffs is when he became famous amongst thousands of habs fans after his awesom hit on Joe Thornton in the first round of the playoffs, which many consider the turn around of the series. 9- Jose Theodore: The Montreal Canadien who so many people consider the back bone of the habs this year. Winner of the molson player of the year for the 4th year in a row, Theodore was one of the best goalies in the league. Habs fans were thrilled by his constant unbelivable saves and great goaltending performances. However Theodore struggled quite a bit in the playoffs, noticably in the first round as he let in some really weak goals such as Bergeron in the overtime in game 2 among others. Now its up to you to decide who was the best habs player this year and list the reason behind your pick.
  10. I havent had the time to get on most of last week but here I am now! I got Saku Koivu's autograph last week. Well my dad got it for me. Heres how it all went down. See my dad is some kind of a repairer of the inside of cars and the roof (its called remboureur in french). Anyways so Koivu brought his classic Mustang Shelby 1967 for my dad to fix. So when my dad finished repairing his car Koivu came back and my dad and his other friend got an autograph!!!!! I was so angry when I heard that when Koivu had first brought the car to my dad's work my father hadnt even thought of getting an autograph but luckily we got it in the end!!!! I was so happy last week and still am!!!!! LOL I wanted to not go to school and go with my dad at work to see Koivu in person but I had so many exams last week I'd fail. Oh and I dont have a camera or something on my computer to show you guys the autograph but believe me I really did get HABS SUPERSTAR SAKU KOIVU'S AUTOGRAPH!!!!PEACE...
  11. 1-Wayne Gretzky 2-Mario Lemieux 3-Guy Lafleur 9- Gordie Howe 1- Bobby Orr
  12. Legendary Coach Billy Reay Passes Away At 86 September 24, 2004 CHICAGO – The winningest coach in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks, William T. "Billy" Reay, passed away on Thursday afternoon, September 23rd, in Madison, Wisconsin at the age of 86. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on August 21, 1918, Billy enjoyed a successful career in the National Hockey League as both a player and coach. He broke into the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings in 1943 but enjoyed most of his success as a member of the Montreal Canadiens. After two seasons in Detroit, Billy was traded to Montreal where he played for eight years. He centered a line with the great Maurice "Rocket" Richard on his wing and was a member of two Stanley Cup Championships in Montreal (1946 and 1953). He retired as a player following the 1952-53 season. Billy coached 16 seasons in the National Hockey League. He coached the Toronto Maple Leafs for two seasons, 1957-58 and 1958-59, before taking a four year hiatus from coaching. He returned behind the bench for the Chicago Blackhawks in 1963 where he coached for 14 seasons. As the Head Coach of the Blackhawks, he posted 516 wins which still ranks first among all-time Blackhawks coaches. He coached the Blackhawks to their first ever Prince of Wales Trophy in 1966-67. Overall, under Billy's direction, the Blackhawks had six first place finishes and three appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals. His coaching record with the Blackhawks was 516 wins, 335 losses, and 161 ties in 1,012 games. His overall career coaching record was 542 wins, 385 losses, and 175 ties in 16 years. In honor of his 542 coaching victories, the National Hockey league presented Billy with a Milestone Award. When asked about his most memorable moment as a Blackhawk, Billy remarked, "Just having the opportunity to coach the Blackhawks for 14 years was my biggest thrill." Visitation will be on Sunday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Gunderson Funeral Home, 7435 University Avenue, in Middleton, Wisconsin 53562. (608) 831-6761. The funeral will be on Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. at Blackhawk Church, 110 N. Whitney Way in Madison, Wisconsin 53705. (608) 238-0183. There will be a one-hour visitation at the church prior to the funeral service
  13. SORRY! YOUR NOT ELIGIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J/K!!!! HOW CAN A MILLIONS POSTS MAKER NOT BE ELIGIBLE IS WHAT I WANNA KNOW!!!! [Edited on 2004/9/25 by Guy_Guy_Guy]
  14. Now since there's 5 players remaining in each of the two brackets I decided to assemble both of them but first I put both brackets in order of the number of the players. EX: No 1 is Wayne Gretzky in the first bracket and No 1 in the second bracket is Orr. So here's the two brackets: 1-Wayne Gretzky 2-Mario Lemieux 3-Guy Lafleur 9-Gordie Howe 16-Mark Messier 1-Bobby Orr 2-Paul Coffey 5-Denis Potvin 7-Ray Bourque 13-Bobby Hull Now heres how it looks like when its assembled: 1-Wayne Gretzky 2-Mario Lemieux 3-Guy Lafleur 9-Gordie Howe 16-Mark Messier 1-Bobby Orr 2-Paul Coffey 5-Denis Potvin 7-Ray Bourque 13-Bobby Hull So the matches now are: 1-Wayne Gretzky vs. 13-Bobby Hull 2-Mario Lemieux vs. 7-Ray Bourque 3-Guy Lafleur vs. 5-Denis Potvin 9- Gordie Howe vs. 2- Paul Coffee 16- Mark Messier vs. 1- Bobby Orr ITS TIME TO VOTE!!!!!
  15. First here are the results for Round 3: Centers vs. Right Wingers: 1-Wayne Gretzky (6) def. 6- Bret Hull (0) 2-Mario Lemieux (5) def. 14- Maurice Richard (1) 3-Guy Lafleur (4) def. 18- Joe Sakic (2) 9-Gordie Howe (5) def. 4-Phil Esposito (1) 16-Mark Messier (5) def. 1- Jaromir Jagr (1) Left Wings vs. Defenseman: 5-Denis Potvin (4) def. 10- Markus Naslund (2) 7-Ray Bourque (4) def. 19- Frank Mahovlich (2) 13-Bobby Hull (4) def. 13- Doug Harvey (2) 2-Paul Coffey (6) def. 4- John Bucyk (0) 1- Bobby Orr (6) def. 6- Mats Naslund (0) [Edited on 2004/9/25 by Guy_Guy_Guy]
  16. Centers vs. Right Wingers: 1-Wayne Gretzky 2-Mario Lemieux 3-Guy Lafleur 9-Gordie Howe 16- Mark Messier Left Wings vs. Defenseman: 5-Denis Potvin 19-Frank Mahovlich 8-Bobby Hull 2-Paul Coffee 1-Bobby Orr
  17. Ok now because there are 5 left in each position I decided to make the centers go against the right wingers and the left wingers against the defenseman. Centers vs. Right Wingers: 1-Wayne Gretzky vs. 6-Brett Hull 2-Mario Lemieux vs. 14- Maurice Richard 18-Joe Sakic vs. 3-Guy Lafleur 4-Phil Esposito vs. 9-Gordie Howe 16- Mark Messier vs. 1-Jaromir Jagr Left Wings vs. Defenseman: 10-Markus Naslund vs. 5-Denis Potvin 19-Frank Mahovlich vs. 7-Ray Bourque 8-Bobby Hull vs. 13- Doug Harvey 4- John Bucyk vs. 2-Paul Coffee 6-Mats Naslund vs.1-Bobby Orr
  18. Ok we're down to the final 20! First here are the results from round 2. Centers: 1-Wayne Gretzky (6) def. 11-Brian Trottier (0) 2-Mario Lemieux (6) def. 9-Marcel Dionne (0) 18-Joe Sakic (5) def. 8-Peter Stazny (1) 4-Phil Esposito (5) def. 14-Denis Savard (1) 16- Mark Messier (6) def.15- Dale Hawerchuk (0) Right Wing: 1-Jaromir Jagr (5) def. 11- Joe Mullen (1) 9-Gordie Howe (6) def. Mike Bossy (0) 3-Guy Lafleur (6) def. 8-Mark Recchi (0) 14- Maurice Richard (6) def. 4- Jari Kurri (0) 6-Brett Hull (6) def. 5-Temmu Selanne (0) Left Wing: 10-Markus Naslund (6) def. 1-Luc Robitaille (0) 19-Frank Mahovlich (4) def. 9- Steve Shutt (2) 8-Bobby Hull (5) def. 3- Michel Goulet (1) 4- John Bucyk (4) def. 7-Paul Kariya (2) 6-Mats Naslund (6) def. 5-Bill Barber (0) Defense: 1-Bobby Orr (6) def. 11-Larry Robinson (0) 2-Paul Coffee (6) def. 12- Larry Murphy (0) 13- Doug Harvey (4) def. 3-Al MaCInis (2) 7-Ray Bourque (5) def .17-Scott Stevens (1) 5-Denis Potvin (5) def..6-Phil Housley (1)
  19. Round 2 Let the votings begin!!! Centers: 1-Wayne Gretzky vs. 11-Brian Trottier 2-Mario Lemieux vs. 9-Marcel Dionne 18-Joe Sakic vs. 8-Peter Stazny 4-Phil Esposito vs. 14-Denis Savard 16- Mark Messier vs.15- Dale Hawerchuk Right Wing: 1-Jaromir Jagr vs. 11-Joe Mullen 2-Mike Bossy vs. 9-Gordie Howe 3-Guy Lafleur vs. 8-Mark Recchi 4- Jari Kurri vs. 14- Maurice Richard 5-Temmu Selanne vs. 6-Brett Hull Left Wing: 1-Luc Robitaille vs. 10-Markus Naslund 19-Frank Mahovlich vs. 9- Steve Shutt 3- Michel Goulet vs. 8-Bobby Hull 4- John Bucyk vs. 7-Paul Kariya 5-Bill Barber vs. 6-Mats Naslund Defense: 1-Bobby Orr vs. 11-Larry Robinson 2-Paul Coffee vs. 12- Larry Murphy 3-Al MaCInis vs. 13- Doug Harvey 17-Scott Stevens vs.7-Ray Bourque 5-Denis Potvin vs. 6-Phil Housley
  20. First here are the results of round 1. The numbers in the parentheses are the number of votes each player recieved. Centers: 1-Wayne Gretzky (9) def 20-Bobby Clarke (0) 2-Mario Lemieux (9) def. 19-Sergei Fedorov (0) 18-Joe Sakic (6) def. Steve Yzerman (3) 4-Phil Esposito (9) def 17-Doug Gilmour (0) 16-Mark Messier (8) def. 5-Bernie Nicholls 6-Pat Lafontaine (8) def.15-Dale Hawerchuk (1) 7-Adam Oates (6) def. 14-Denis Savard (3) 8-Peter Stazny (8) def. 13-Kent Nillson (1) 9-Marcel Dionne (9) def.12-Pierre Turgeon (0) 11-Brian Trottier (9) def. 10-Denis Maruk (0) Right Wing: 1-Jaromir Jagr (6) def. 20- Lanny Macdonald (3) 2-Mike Bossy (8) def.19-Mike Gartner (1) 3-Guy Lafleur (9) def. 18-Glenn Anderson (0) 4- Jari Kurri (8) def. 17-Theoron Fleury (1) 5-Temmu Selanne (9) def. 16- Dave Hodge (0) 6-Brett Hull (9) def. 15-Dino Ciccareli (0) 14- Maurice Richard (9) def. Alexander Mogilny (0) 8- Marc Recchi (7) def.13-Rick Tocchet (2) 9- Gordie Howe (9) def. 12-Pavel Bure (0) 11-Joe Mullen (5) def. 11-Dave Taylor (3) Left Wing: 1-Luc Robitaille (6) def. 20-Kurk Muller (3) 19-Frank Mahovlich (9) def. 2-Kevin Stevens 3-Michel Goulet (7) def. 18-Dickie Moore (2) 4- John Bucyk (6) def. 17- John Leclair (3) 5-Bill Barber (8) def.16- Brian Propp (1) 6-Mats Naslund (9) def. 15- Keith Katchuck (0) 7- Paul Kariya (5) def. 14-Dave Andrewchuck (4) 8-Bobby Hull (9) def. 13- Brian Bellows (0) 9- Steve Shutt (9) def. 12-John Tonelli (0) 10-Markus Naslund (6) def. 11-Brendan Shanahan (3) Defense: 1-Bobby Orr (9) def. 20-Paul Reinhart (0) 2-Paul Coffee (7) def. 19-Chris Chelios (2) 3-Al MaCInis (7) def.18-Guy Lapointe (2) 17-Scott Stevens (6) def. 4-Brian Leetch (3) 5-Denis Potvin (9) def. 16-Steve Duchesne (0) 6-Phil Housley (8) def.15-Mark Howe (1) 7-Ray Bourque (9) def.14-Brad Parke (0) 13- Doug Harvey (9) def. 8- Gary Sutter (0) 12- Larry Murphy (7) def. 9-Sergie Zubov 11-Larry Robinson (9) def. 10-Doug Wilson (0) [Edited on 2004/9/16 by Guy_Guy_Guy] [Edited on 2004/9/16 by Guy_Guy_Guy]
  21. Lets GOOO Final Day for the 1st round voting... VOTE!!!
  22. Here are my votes: Centers: 1-Wayne Gretzky 2-Mario Lemieux 18-Joe Sakic 4-Phil Esposito 16-Mark Messier 15-Dale Hawerchuck 14-Denis Savard 8-Peter Stazny 9-Marcel Dionne 11-Brian Trottier Right Wing: 20- Lanny Macdonald 2-Mike Bossy 3-Guy Lafleur 4- Jari Kurri 5-Temmu Selanne 6-Brett Hull 14- Maurice Richard 13-Rick Tocchet 9- Gordie Howe 11-Joe Mullen Left Wing: 20-Kurk Muller 19-Frank Mahovlich 3- Michel Goulet 4- John Buzyk 16- Brian Propp 6-Mats Naslund 7- Paul Kariya 8-Bobby Hull 9- Steve Shutt 11-Brendan Shanahan Defense: 1-Bobby Orr 2-Paul Coffee 18-Guy Lapointe 4-Brian Leetch 5-Denis Potvin 6-Phil Housley 7-Ray Bourque 13- Doug Harvey 12- Larry Murphy 11-Larry Robinson
  23. Hockey has produced hundreds of legendary players and its up to you to decide who was the best of them all! Here are the 4 categories each containing 20 players based on the number of points they have scored in their best season. However there are some players whom arent in the lists because of the simple reason that some players like Rocket Richard and Doug Harvey even though they didnt have as much points are far more legendary players. Center: 1-Wayne Gretzky vs. 20-Bobby Clarke 2-Mario Lemieux vs. 19-Sergei Fedorov 3-Steve Yzerman vs.18-Joe Sakic 4-Phil Esposito vs. 17-Doug Gilmour 5-Bernie Nicholls vs.16-Mark Messier 6-Pat Lafontaine vs. 15-Dale Hawerchuck 7-Adam Oates vs. 14-Denis Savard 8-Peter Stazny vs. 13-Kent Nillson 9-Marcel Dionne vs.12-Pierre Turgeon 10-Denis Maruk vs. 11-Brian Trottier Right Wing: 1-Jaromir Jagr vs. 20- Lanny Macdonald 2-Mike Bossy vs. 19-Mike Gartner 3-Guy Lafleur vs. 18-Glenn Anderson 4- Jari Kurri vs. 17-Theoron Fleury 5-Temmu Selanne vs. 16- Dave Hodge 6-Brett Hull vs. 15-Dino Ciccareli 7-Alexander Mogilny vs.14- Maurice Richard 8- Marc Recchi vs. 13-Rick Tocchet 9- Gordie Howe vs. 12-Pavel Bure 10-Dave Taylor vs. 11-Joe Mullen Left Wing: 1-Luc Robitaille vs. 20-Kurk Muller 2-Kevin Stevens vs. 19-Frank Mahovlich 3- Michel Goulet vs. 18-Dickie Moore 4- John Buzyk vs. 17- John Leclair 5-Bill Barber vs.16- Brian Propp 6-Mats Naslund vs. 15- Keith Katchuck 7- Paul Kariya vs. 14-Dave Andrewchuck 8-Bobby Hull vs. 13- Brian Bellows 9- Steve Shutt vs. 12-John Tonelli 10-Markus Naslund vs. 11-Brendan Shanahan Defense: 1-Bobby Orr vs. 20-Paul Reinhart 2-Paul Coffee vs. 19-Chris Chelios 3-Al MaCInis vs.18-Guy Lapointe 4-Brian Leetch vs. 17-Scott Stevens 5-Denis Potvin vs.16-Steve Duchesne 6-Phil Housley vs.15-Mark Howe 7-Ray Bourque vs.14-Brad Parke 8-Gary Sutter vs.13- Doug Harvey 9-Sergie Zubov vs.12- Larry Murphy 10-Doug Wilson vs.11-Larry Robinson So simply write the number and the name of the player whom you think is the better of the two for each round. Ex: (From the list of centers) 1- Gretzky 19- Fedorov 3- Steve Yzerman I hope everyone understands how this goes and there will be about 4 or 5 rounds and the player with the highest votes out of the 2 advances. Ex. 10- Doug Wilson gets 5 votes and 11- Larry Robinson gets 6 then Robinson advances. So when all is said and done we will determine who is the Ultime Hockey Player!! Start voting!!
  24. Did anyone else hear what Kovalev said when he was interviewed after having lost to the USA on tuesday? The interviewer (I forgot what his name was) asked Kovalev "Now that the world cup is over for you what's the deal between you and the habs?"(Something like that). Kovalev then said that he hasnt heard from Bob Gainey since a couple months but he still considers playing for the Montreal Canadiens. However one thing he knows is that when the season starts "I will have a job". What do you guys think?
  25. quote: In a poll conducted by Decima Research Inc. last month, 83 percent of those surveyed said they would stand by the NHL even if a lockout wiped out more than half a season as long as it results in a reduction of player salaries and a better deal for smaller clubs. As well, 56 percent of fans believe the players association needs to be the one to compromise when it comes to a new deal while only 14 percent believe both sides need to compromise in the dispute. The survey of 928 Canadians also found that most fans believe most NHL teams are in financial trouble. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Why the hell is everyone behind the nhl and saying that they will watch NHL if there were a lockout? If mosto f them had said they wouldnt watch then NHL/NHLPA wouldve been worried and we would've had a season next year!!!
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