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  1. Yeah I don't think I've been this excited about a comedy since Seinfeld. Maybe Flight of the Conchords but that was almost more of a mini-series, Modern Family started off very strong and has only gotten better IMO. And Joe, enjoy the ride that is Dexter. Season 1 is tremendous but in my opinion it only ranks 3rd among the 4 seasons. The first book follows the first season fairly closely, and I'd recommend giving that a read if you enjoy it.
  2. Lol as someone who doesn't watch ABC shows other than Lost and Modern Family, I think that's phenomenal. I don't know what the LOST ratings will be on the finale, I suspect they will be quite large but nothing close to MASH/Seinfeld/Friends territory, but you'd have to say that this is going to be one of the most anticipated TV events in recent memory.
  3. Yeah fair enough, I can certainly understand that there is a lot of myth out there when it comes to the green shift and I definitely need to be careful to not simply take things at face value. The frustration for me lies with the slow moving city council here in the city and that frustration is certainly not exclusive to a lack of productivity with regards to the "green economy". I still consider myself a bit of an outsider as far as Brantford goes, as I'm only here temporarily as a student, but it is stunning how little has gotten done here since the local economy went in the tank 25 years ago.
  4. Gah I can't believe I didn't get Silence of the Lambs...Nice one.
  5. That's where you lost me. I believe you know a ton more about this topic than what I will ever care to know, but who said anything about 1000s of streetlights? I'm talking about testing the product. If you are going to hype up a company and talk about moving an entire city's industry into the "green economy", well then why not put your money where your mouth is? As for the second bolded part, you're right, they don't currently have the infrastructure to provide streetlights for the city, but it appears to be a growing business and with a little support, it could just work. I don't know how familiar you are with Brantford, but the city could use a win. We're talking about an area that went from being one of the leading manufacturing centres in all of Canada to one that reached 25% unemployment just 15 years ago. My whole point is that risks need to be taken and opportunities need to be explored. The university coming to the downtown core was a big step in the right direction, but let's not just stop there. As for not singling me out, well you definitely did, but that's ok If this was the actual focus of what I'm working on then maybe I'd be able to invest more time into it, but it is only a small portion of what I'm looking at with the city and all I see from the sidelines is a business that is at least trying something and a city that appears to be reluctant to even stick its foot in the water let alone dive in. Like the owner of the company said, he's a loyal Brantfordian but he will have no problem taking his business elsewhere if the opportunity arises. He specifically mentioned London as an example of a city that is at least exploring greener options, which could end up being just another example of Brantford losing out on a potential moneymaker.
  6. It is all talk and no action. Just yesterday I interviewed a guy who started a company in Brantford, Ontario that produces LED lighting, solar panels and such. He started his company in 1996 out of Brantford, which has been one of the most economically depressed cities in Canada since the mid 80s. The only reason I found out about his company was through the local MPP and one of the city council members, they both spoke about how badly they wanted to see Brantford become a "green hub" in southern Ontario. Seems like a perfect opportunity for a city that is trying to find an identity after an economic crisis left it crippled. In 14 years, not once has the city approached him about putting in LED lighting for street lights, setting up solar panels as a form of "greener" energy etc etc. He has yet to sell a single product to the city. German developers are looking for an opportunity to come over and really get this sector of the economy booming, but they are reluctant to do so with the government so slow to get on board (and I mean not just say they are on board, but actually throw some coin into the project).
  7. To be fair, televisions take up a very very small amount of energy. But I will not participate anyway, the same politicians who advertise earth hour are the ones who say no to solar energy, LED lighting, other forms of renewable energy etc. etc. Canada is so late into the game of the "green economy" it is pathetic.
  8. I was hoping for nudity I'm terrible at this. Though I don't watch a ton of movies, I don't think I've seen any of the ones that have been discovered thus far.
  9. One year too late for Vikes fans
  10. CTV decided to start airing it at 7 because of American Idol I believe
  11. LOST was at its best tonight, absolutely unbelievable. And does anyone else watch Breaking Bad?
  12. How much are the Twins worth on a whole, 200 million?
  13. Well said, the only problem is I gotta hear the arena sounds or the game just lacks intensity. Makes me remember the good old days when SRC's commentators went on strike and they aired the games with only the crowd noise
  14. Yeah I don't see how TJ could bring what LT can bring, despite the fact that TJ is the far superior runner at this point, LT still has the receiving skills that make him attractive as a third down back. I'd imagine his pass protection is still quite good as well. Richardson, man he must be late 30s. Great blocking FB indeed, but I still laugh at the year he made the Pro Bowl as the Vikes FB. He was used very sparingly out of the I-form if I recall correctly.
  15. Boudreau is likely the biggest whiner in the NHL. He also blamed TSN for constantly talking about questionable hits.
  16. They also factor in injuries and Scott Nichol is back playing hockey and Brian Campbell is out for the season.
  17. I disagree. If Ovy had ridden Campbell into the boards I don't think the hit would have been nearly as dangerous as it was when he shoved him from a few feet out. Look at the way Campbell goes flying into the boards a result of Ovechkin's carelessness. His head and shoulders are put in that awkward position that so often results in long-term injuries. An lo and behold, it has resulted in a long-term injury. That's what made Lapierre's shove so dangerous. The fact that Nichol isn't injured and Lapierre still received 4 games should tell you that Ovechkin should be in line for even more than that. Whether he will actually face the music is another matter.
  18. It's a nice signing, but in what way are you not worried about his drop in production? He is on a steep decline regardless of the oline differences, it is simply what RBs do when they reach 30 years old, particularly if they have been a number 1 back for most of their careers. This is Greene's backfield IMO, LT will probably get 10 touches or less on most weeks, hopefully for the Jets he can make the most of them.
  19. On the Lapierre topic, how many games does Ovy get for his hit on Brian Campbell this afternoon? Looked like a carbon copy to me. Bet he gets away with no suspension.
  20. Maybe he'll learn if we actually start to lose by sitting back? Sure it has created a few tense moments but we're the 7th best team in the NHL when leading after 2. A .920 win percentage is fairly efficient, especially since I would guess that a lot of those leads are slim ones given the fact that we rarely blow other teams out.
  21. Apparently he had a good meeting with the Vikes though so I'm not ruling it out yet.
  22. Frustrates me to no end. Glad I missed Widemore's name in the credits yesterday. But seeing all of the guest stars in the premiere really sucked.
  23. Pretty much agree with everything. The LOST soundtrack is just fantastic, as was the soundtrack for Up. Well deserving of the Oscar. By the way, for LOST fans, the guy who played Minkowski (Fisher Stevens) also won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.
  24. LT visiting with the Vikes on Thursday, perhaps he can teach AP how to hold onto the football?
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