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  1. I like the play of Komi lately, he's picked up his game, and it would be a shame to have him sit.
  2. You're very right. That second round pick that came with Zed and Bulis could be a solid 1st or 2nd liner. With this in mind, I am going to claim this the biggest steal in Habs history
  3. There are two commetns that I want to make about having Zed on our team. One, if you look back at it, the Zubrus, Linden for Zednik and Bulis has to be considered one of the biggest steals in Habs history. Zubrus has yet to score more than 17 goals, and 37 points in any season even on a top line with Jagr. Linden's career is prety much a wash now. Meanwhile Zed is a consistent 20-30 goal scorer, and when he heats up, he's almost unstoppale, and Bulis is a good 2 way forward who works well in the corners and is still good for 30-40 points a season, comparable to Zubrus. Lastly, I don't know about you guys, but the last time I saw Zed play this good was during the playoff run two years ago. He hasn't been the same since the McLaren hit until now. He's got the midas touch back, and it couldn't have come at a better time with only 9 games before the playoffs.
  4. Both rosters are pretty much set, and the way we perform on Saturday will indicate how well we can stack up against the competition for the playoffs. I think most of eastern Canada is looking forward to this game. It's going to be a battle.
  5. With the way Perrault has been playing, he'll certainly stay on the top two lines. He's also not much use on a checking line. With that in mind, I think you'll see: Zednik-Koivu-Kovalev Perrault-Ribs-RIder Bulis-Dowd-Ward Juneau-Begin-Sunny Dagenais and Dackell sit and Bulis plays on a defensive energetic checking line which is just as good as the 4th line
  6. So after these trades, does anyone know which picks we have going into this year's draft? Also, which players from Hamilton do you guys will make the team next year? My guess is Higgins, Perez, Plekanec, and Milroy may need 1 more year. While its make it or break it time for Hossa, and Hainsey.
  7. Toronto's goaltending is questionable with Belfour's back injury. 5 given up goals this saturday against Buffalo, he looked horrible Ottawa's goaltending is also very questionble, even if they outshoot us. TB doesn't have many weaknesses, and they are a very scare team which we will meet if we make it to eh 2nd round. Philly's team is significantly hurt, and we have a good record against them this year I think our best attribute will be our PP, our speed, and our 3rd line wih Dowd, and goaltending. If we could use our speed to draw some penalties, it gives us a chance.
  8. Which team do you guys think we should face in the first round?
  9. It seems that these are the cards that we have to play. BG seems confident. Its obvious that we are not a Stanley cup contender, and BG didn't have to or want to, trade the farm. Whatever happens in the playoffs, this is going to be a learning experience for all our players, particularly for the young guns RIbeiro, Ryder, Komi, Zed, Ward, and Bulis who are going to gain some valuable experience by being the go-to guys. We're the underdogs going into the playoffs, but with Theo in nets, and with the way we have been playing lately 9-2 in last 11 games, we are also a serious dark horse without the pressure that teams like the Laffs and Sens have on their back. So I think this can work out for us
  10. Do you guys have a source? Where did you hear these rumors from?
  11. Leafs counter with Leetch Brian Leetch brings Stanley Cup experience to the Maple Leafs' blueline. Sportsnet.ca - On a busy trade day in the Eastern Conference, the Maple Leafs landed Rangers' defenceman Brian Leetch, Sportsnet has learned. The Rangers receive Maxim Kondratiev and Jarkko Immonen to Rangers, with first-round pick 2004, second-round pick 2005.
  12. Gainey had to have talked to his agent beforehand to negotiate a deal. I dont think he would have dealt away our future for a UFA. Secondly, does Kovalev play like a power forward, how is his puck control? I know his shots are deadly but he's also a left handed shooter which doen not satisfy our needs. Still Im happy to have a bonafide star come to Montreal finally!
  13. In between the 1st and 2nd period on RDS tonight, there was a rumor annouced that the Habs were looking to trade Zednik to Carolina in return for Jeff O'Neill and Sean Hill
  14. I study policy decisions by government officials as a my career, and studying what Gainey has to do is really no different, and like all of you know is very exciting especially since we all have the same passion for this team. But let's consider a few things here that could help us narrow down our speculation. 1. Gainey is not a man who goes back on what he says, he says what me means, and he does what he intends. So he's committed to building a strong team more for the future than for now, but he's not looking to rebuild entirely because he already has the best pool of young guns in the minors. So it follows logically that this week he said that the team is NOT looking for a rent-a-player. It doesn't seem logically coherent to give up draft picks for UFAs that are going to help this team for only this year without possibly getting them to sign a long-term contract. However, Pierre Boivin's statement that the habs need to get into the 3rd round to break even might also be indictive of some pressure on Gainey to go out and get a rent-a-player in the hopes of ensuring that Mr. GIllette and Molson do not lose a few million this year. But this theory really does not hold much water because we have already seen that the owners are willing to lose money now to ensure a viable product in the future. Three players have already been bought out this year with over $5 million dollars invested to allow for younger players to take their roles, and to eliminate any possible distractions to the team. This shows that the owners of this team are willing to spend money to improve this team for the future even if that means acquiring gains through subtractions. This leads us back to the original statement by Gainey showing us that he is looking for a player who can help this team now and in the future, and who already has at least a 2-3 year contract signed or whose agent is talking with Gainey now to sign one once a trade is completed. 2. Our GM has said quite clearly that a need to be addressed has to be a center position with a right handed shot. Fair enough, but he has mentioned precious little about a powerforward who can play with Koivu or Ribeiro on either of the top two lines, but more urgently with Koivu on the wing. Seeing as how every player slated to be on the top two lines is a left shooter except for Ryder, you would have to assume that a right-handed shooter or winger is what Gainey and his staff have been looking for. With the discussions over Sean Hill, we can also note that he is looking for a strong stay-at-home defenceman who can do what this staff beleived Komisarek could do this season but is still not ready to do. 3. Gainey's first two aquisitions were Langdon and Begin. Both team players, both willing to sacrifice themselves and play hard. Gainey has a preference for these types of players. He is even willing to let Hainsey languish in the minors because he doesn't beleive that he has these qualities of character. So it should seem obvious that if Gainey does not want to play talented players from his own team because of their lack of character, then he certainly won't go out and get other players with similar defincies. With these indicators alone, you can limit the pool of players available to the Habs greatly. 1. Has to have at least 4-5 strong years left, so anywhere from 23-32 years old. 2. Be signed or willing to sign a 3 year contract 3. As a forward, he must be a right-handed shooter 4. Must be a power forward so around 6'0 and 200lbs if not bigger 5. Can also be a strong and stable stay-at-home defenceman. 6. Must play with intensity and be a team player So now that we have established what Gainey wants we must also note that a player(s) with these qualities are what many teams also look for. So why, and more importantly which teams would be willing to give up on such a player. The immediate team that comes to mind is one that is looking to dump salary and rebuild around youth. Also one who does not foresee going to the playoffs this year or for the next 2 years or so with the lockout approaching So Chicago, Carolina, Columbus, Edmonton, Florida, NY Rangers, Pittsburg, St. Louis, Washington All these teams are looking to dumb salary and rebuild to one extent or another and would probably be satisfied with a prospect, and a pick. The players that they have available that fit Gainey's needs are: Chicago Nathan Dempsey 29 6-0 191 Alexander Karpovtsev 33 6-3 221 Jason Strudwick 28 6-3 225 Carolina Jeff O'Neill 28 6-1 195 Sean Hill 34 6-0 205 Bret Hedican 33 6-2 205 Columbus Luke Richardson 34 6-4 215 Edmonton Adam Oates 41 5-11 190 Radek Dvorak 26 6-2 200 Jason Smith 30 6-3 212 Cory Cross 33 6-5 220 Scott Ferguson 31 6-1 195 Florida Viktor Kozlov 29 6-5 233 Lyle Odelein 35 6-0 206 NY Ranger Tom Poti 26 6-3 208 Boris Mironov 31 6-4 223 Brian Leetch 35 6-0 185 Dale Purinton 27 6-2 220 Pittsburg Marc Bergevin 38 6-1 214 Dick Tarnstrom 29 6-2 205 St. Louis Scott Mellanby 37 6-1 208 Jeff Finley 36 6-2 203 Chris Pronger 29 6-6 218 Bryce Salvador 28 6-2 214 Matt Walker 23 6-3 227 Eric Weinrich 37 6-1 207 Washington Jeff Halpern 27 6-0 202 Anson Carter 29 6-1 200 Mike Grier 29 6-1 227 I would personally avoid looking at teams that are currently in the playoff picture simply because they know that it would be easier to address their needs by gauging these selling teams instead of dealing with a team like the habs whose needs and stage of development are probably closer to their own. However, I would include a few other teams who would sell off some of their players because they are not in the playoff picture. Anaheim Ruslan Salei 29 6-1 213 Atlanta Andy Sutton 28 6-6 245 Buffalo Chris Drury 27 5-10 202 Rory Fitzpatrick 29 6-2 208 Alexei Zhitnik 31 5-11 214 Minnesota Brad Bombardir 31 6-1 205 Having compiled this list, I'll have to say that I did not examine the player's contract status, and if someone has access to that info, then they may want to rexamine the list to limit it even further
  15. I just read up on some of his "predictions" or "inside information" but does he really know these things ahead of anyone else? and if so why has he lasted so long even though we've changed management? Is he an employee of the Molson center? Is he a janitor? a secretary? and office assistant? Who is this guy and is he that good?
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