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  1. Yeah, I went through my whole emo phase in high school. I started with AFI and The Used and then spun into emo from there (I know AFI isn't emo) My music tastes have a tendency to completely revamp itself every 4-5 years. A decade ago I listened to nothing but hardcore rap. After that was punk/pop-punk which morphed to emo which changed to gothic metal and now I'm more into chill indie type stuff. Although lately a little dubstep has started creeping into my listening habits. Generally though I'm all over the place. I can't say I hate mainstream stuff because I like Eminem and Kanye (Eminem not so much anymore but I still really like Kanye) and I've got Lady Gaga and Katy Perry as my guilty pleasures. I've been big into Foster The People since last year too and I'm pretty sure they went mainstream over the summer. They got a ton of buzz after Coachella. I guess I should probably contribute a few songs since I'm posting here. I love music as well, my iPod is my most prized possession. I don't know what I'd do without music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgEGVKwURKc Evidently I can only post one link, shoot. I had more music to post, lol. I'll go with my favourite song of all-time. Sigur Ros is up there for favourite band of all-time, I loved Takk as a whole. Just a great album.
  2. Haha, I love that very conservative description. Mae was definitely an emo band. In their earlier days anyway, it's been a few years since I've listened to them. Though they were real emo, not what people think is emo. Mae, The Get Up Kids, Sunny Day Real Estate, Thursday. Those were the real emo bands of the 00's. What you saw in the mid to later years of the decade was a total destruction of the genre and confusion of what it was. Bands like Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy ruined things. I was pretty much done with the genre around 06-07. But Mae is top notch, I listened to them a lot in high school.
  3. You are so Vork from The Guild. I would've killed to go last year with Thor, Cap and Avengers panels. Did you see Andrew Garfield's speech from this year? About Spider-Man. It was pretty cool. Sorry, Colin and myself have a great ability to derail threads. Continue as if we didn't do anything
  4. Ok uh Comic-Con sucks and is for losers Wait, have you gone lately?
  5. Why would I want a lousy, piece of crap Mac Then I couldn't join and leave HWL over and over. Oh wait, that's you. =P
  6. How do you know this Stop peeking through my windows
  7. This post read something different and was more interesting earlier but Colin changed it. Discuss.
  8. I didn't think they could top season 1's Halloween episode and they did. They're going with a vampire theme this year so I've got high hopes.
  9. Don't kid yourselves, Dubbers is talented.
  10. Yeah, haven't seen an Avs goalie with that kind of quickness since Roy. Aebi and Andy had flashes but I don't think either has the athleticism that Varly does. Really happy with him so far, just stinks we lost the game anyway. My one worry was how he kept his legs in that awkward position after. Thought he was hurt for a bit.
  11. Riders were officially eliminated last week. And Burris being benched is BS.
  12. It's the second car that goes airborne. The cockpit goes driver first into the catcher thing and then basically the whole car bursts into flame. Scary stuff. My condolences to his family.
  13. What? No he didn't. He was great all year. I don't think we overpaid either. I see it as we drafted a goalie who can play now instead of waiting (and theres no big time goalies in the 2012 crop). If Varly was older then sure but he's 23 and can grow with the rest of the team. The Avs improved their defensive structure as well, which will help Varly. Lefebvre has done a good job coaching the D and all of the new personnel brought in has played exceptionally well, especially Shane O'Brien. It's been a treat to not see Hunwick or Cumiskey out there turning the puck over all the time. Our PK too has been excellent, the best I've seen since Roy was in net. The biggest problem has been an inept offense so far this season. If they can keep the kind of flow they had in the third against Columbus and against Ottawa, playoffs are a real possibilty. At which point, 15th, 16th OA and the Bruins 2nd for Varly is nothing.
  14. We're also losing Epstein to the Cubs by tomorrow. What an awesome season. I'm so happy to be a Red Sox fan.
  15. A couple things on McKenzie's twitter account just now - Re-alignment will be decided in early December - Many governors are convinced it will be Detroit moving to the East, specifically the SE. Re-alignment could be as simple as Detroit and Winnipeg swapping divisions.
  16. Did Berman mention it at all on MNF? I know he adores the CFL.
  17. Michael Deutsch was Vokoun's agent on July 1st, he was fired and replaced with Walsh a few weeks later because of what happened.
  18. Yep. Each episode will be about one of the characters. Then the movie will be all of them getting back together.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9TXVMkQ29g&feature=player_embedded AD coming back was the first thing that came into my head when I woke up this morning, got excited all over again, lol
  20. Oh crap, I forgot a link http://arts.nationalpost.com/2011/10/02/arrested-development-to-return-for-final-limited-tv-season-before-movie/ Confirmed now by Jason Bateman as well. This is true. But basically I don't want to hear anything other than the actors when I'm watching a comedy. Let me decide whats funny.
  21. Well thankfully Arrested Development didn't use them. Because it's coming back. Seriously. A 10 episode season that leads into a movie. Confirmed by Will Arnett. I am so freaking excited.
  22. Urgh, this is why I only watched Whitney for 5 seconds. All laugh tracks need to be found and destroyed.
  23. If they don't, I'm sure they'll wind up on torrent sites or something. Seems like every web series is getting ripped these days. Haha, she's a comedian? That's hilarious. One new show I really liked was Suburgatory. Didn't hear about it until the morning it aired and it was getting positive reviews so I checked it out. Really liked it. I really like New Girl too, the second episode was hilarious. First new show to get an order for a full season too.
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