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  1. It will only continue at this year's draft.
  2. Congratz mahn! Let me guess... you brought the laptop into the car and spent the night in it?
  3. You are HWL's Wang for a reason.....
  5. Nah, Wang just has feelings for him. I guess he's desperate now and who can blame him?
  6. Correction.... He was. Now he's an arrogant prick that plays for Chelsea. :nono:
  7. Screw that. Screw Ballack. :puke: I hope Ronnie and Nani destroy all in their path.
  8. If people want to get together and gear it up, I'm game. Well should be anyways. Like I said a few days ago, just let me know when.
  9. I don't need to buy a new 360! It was the bloody intercooler, I knew it.......... It's running smoothly and no more red rings. *knocks on wood*
  10. Alrighty. I just did my last stand thing. I go onto the beach and load up with the weapon+health cheat and blow the shit out of the police boats, cars, trucks and copters. Picking off the morons who dare to run to me with my sniper. I think it's time for round two. Interesting, yet not surprising.
  11. Of course it's fun. You want to play now or something?
  12. What on earth are you getting at? That I need a change as well? I did but it was away from gaming that satisfied me.
  13. About what my problem was with him?
  14. Weird. On the 12th, I got a yim message from our missing Fanpuck asking me what my problem was.
  15. Nah. I never said that I've grown out of gaming altogether. Just that a lot of my interests have changed dramatically over the last month. My DS, Wii, and 360 have basically been untouched for a month now. I'll only turn on my 360 every now and then to play GTA in which I'll walk out the door and make a last stand blowing everything I can possibly see for 5 minutes before shutting it off for another week. That's basically the only gaming I've done sadly. Don't worry though guys. I'll be back in the gaming craze as early as today if anyone's interested. I'm sure DBZ Burst Limit will re-awaken myself to a degree as well once I get it tomorrow.
  16. I'm out of the gaming mood altogether. Pokemon bores the crap out of me now particularly because... well.... I've beaten it enough and grown out of it. Grown out of a lot of things lately. I can't believe I just said that. Mike nailed it though, that I can't frikkin wait to buy and play Burst Limit. I'll probably play it over and over and over again. I think you guys get the picture. I'm up to getting some gaming in though, so whatever you guys want to play, just let me know and we can do our usual gaming fests. Those never get old....
  17. You're going to give Maca crazy cartoony nightmares mahn. *Doctor straps Maca to bed* "IT'S TIME TO REMOVE THOSE TONSILS!!!" *PULLS OUT GIGANTIC PAIR OF SCISSORS* *Maca screams for his life*
  18. You like Minny's goal song too, eh? It's Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani. I have it on my ipod. Too bad it has to the Wild's though.
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