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  1. That's what happens to hippies. They get mugged.
  2. I got a math midterm to study for. :puke: At least it's Tuesday.....
  3. Trust me. Hopefully I'm not jinxing us here but you'll be pretty surprised with Bieksa and Krajicek.
  4. Yep, He sleeps with his hamster..... So who's seen Jason's Oakleys?
  5. I thought you said it was a man....oh wait...ok nevermind.....
  6. I agree with you, it isn't very solid at all. Although I can't blame just Fitzpatrick for the last 2 games, his turnovers/penalties have led to the game winners against us. Actually, with the way Bieksa and Krajicek have been playing, the top 4 isn't that bad. Bourdon has been getting better and better after every game. We should be ok hopefully.
  7. He did sort of. In the lockout season he played with Manitoba and surprised a lot. Was our 4th/5th rounder from 2001. Anyways he did so well, he was expected to make the team last year out of camp but got injured. Got called up and held his own for the last half of the season. This year, him and Krajicek have stepped up and Kevin has been awesome. Very physical, good all around and seems to have the poise of a veteran. I've been impressed. Surpassed my expectations already.
  8. Yes he's Salo's replacement. Edler is a guy who's not well known. Thomas Gradin(our Swedish scout) is very high on him and he played way up north in Sweden. Philly and Detroit's Hakan Andersson were apparently the only other teams who knew about him and were really high on him so we snuck right in front of them in the 3rd in the 04 draft to nab him. He was the highest scoring rookie d-man in the WHL playing for the Kelowna Rockets last year. Needs more developing but the thing that interests me is that his defensive game needs work. He might look like a deer in the healights out there tomorrow but I would love to be surprised. Defense should look like this: Ohlund-Bieksa Krajicek-Bourdon Fitzpatrick-Edler Should be interesting. Well at least for getting to watch Edler play I hope.
  9. Of course... but this is the nothing thread!
  10. You were the grapes right? Yep I'm sure of it.
  11. Alexander Edler will make his NHL debut tomorrow against Colorado! Can't wait to see how he does.
  12. Faeries can use magic. No fair! Doesn't matter though. It sucks. You'd probably wedgie yourself first.
  13. Faerie actually spammed me with his pictures...........
  14. I've been saying it all along. Pens will make it. B)
  15. Same could be said about almost all of the teams in the league. Teams will shuffle all season long.....
  16. You're just high. Too high.... That's all.
  17. I'm sorry faarie... just stating the truth. At least your trade didn't get rejected.... I bet you spam yourself with Jonne Aaron pics every day....
  18. He has nothing else to do. Can't blame him. Faeries are fun to make fun of....
  19. Don't need to. You will always be denied. B)
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