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  1. Bourdon was amazing last preseason. It's obvious the pressure has been affecting him as well as that leg injury he sustained. Missed a LOT of time. Right now he looks lost and playing him with Fitzpatrick is stupid.... He most likely will be sent down now.
  2. I had a strong feeling he would do well and so far he has. However he's playing on Florida's second line. Last night was a mess for us though. We have Bourdon-Fitzpatrick as a pairing...... absolutely terrible considering they were responsible for most of the goals last night. -5 combined. Luc is nowhere near ready right now.
  3. The season is young. Don't you have a beauty salon to go to or friends to play Faerie princess with? B)
  4. Terrible game. They missed Salo tonight but despite shutting down the Thornton-Cheechoo line we still lost. Still a work in progress. Bourdon looks completely lost and Fitzpatrick is horrible. Luongo terrible. All I can do is laugh.
  5. Kesler is a go , Chouinard is in and Salo is out .... Should be a good game. Home opener so it's exciting.
  6. The Bert and Jackman hits. Bert got him a few times and when these two teams played it was literally always tough as nails with HUGE hits and intensity.......miss Bert and Jovo in a few ways thinking about it. Even Klatt and May.
  7. That guy must have been a troll. They aren't real fans. On topic....for the Canucks a lot of our rivalries have died down with the recent moves but this was probably our biggest rivalry: I am not saying this rivalry is the best btw... B)
  8. That was hilarious. As soon as they show another guy coming, I knew it was going to be a Canucks fan....
  9. only 3-4 games in...these power rankings are dumb.....
  10. Salo and Santala but you haven't showed respect for Salo.
  11. We played poorly man. Mitchell etc stood and watched Robbie make 2 saves. Coverage was crap, so Vigneault benched em and they played MUCH better today. I still think Kipper is better though.
  12. Should have used Henrik....... BTW Faerie, how come ur not worried when Salo got hurt. You should be ashamed of yourself......
  13. The Blues, Canucks and Wild were all after Nummy in the offseason. Minny beat us out and I knew they got a gem. BTW, knowing our luck(look at Rolston's goal) we'll never get a shutout. :puke:
  14. Well injuries aside for now, we still played well. We got some unlucky bounces and I knew Luongo wouldn't get a shutout. Just the luck for us..... For a team that had so many changes however, grabbing 5 of 8 points on a 4 game road trip to start the season is a pretty good start.
  15. We got a point but what really screws us is Kesler and Salo are injured............ both didn't come back in the 3rd and I still don't know what's wrong.:puke: :puke:
  16. You think I don't? I'm reacting to the game which we lost. Now your Finnish Isles... they must make you want to break something if this is the case?
  17. He actually pretty much always keeps it simple but he has a game once every long while where he does this. Hopefully the next one is a VERY long time from now.
  18. Well...you can thank Henrik for taking a penalty just after he finished serving one.
  19. Agreed. The penalties are really the only major concern right now. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the overall play of the team. They're only going to get better as a group. No prob, it's the Avs first win. Gotta be excited.
  20. Reasonable game... can't win em all. At least my 2nd fav team won. I like what I saw tonight, but I didn't see that aggressive play I've seen in the past two. The main problem here is we are taking too many penalties so here's something they are going to have to work on. I hope Bourdon replaces Fitzy next game however...... On the Avs they played the way I thought they would and am glad with that. Wolski scored another with Svatos scoring two. Theo played well as well. Hopefully they continue upwards from here. In the end a 3-2 loss isn't bad and hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes. Bring on Minny!!!(So weird saying that )
  21. Only thing is that whale mutated into a panther. B)
  22. I actually posted a comment on this Sunday's game but I deleted it because I knew you'd appear and would say that. Guess I was right. Yep, should be a good game.
  23. Actually what he's doing is pretty smart. The pressure has really been effecting Luc, however he did pretty well in the last 2 pre-season games. Vigneault wanted to ease him into the lineup and that's smart instead of throwing him into the fire in Detroit's season opener in Joe Louis. Today however, Nonis metioned he was recovering from the flu so I don't know. @Fanny: LeClaire was fantastic but I felt we weren't heading to the net enough. On Bulis, he was quiet and did take a penalty but he did his job tonight. Anyways, new team, new system, new coach, 2 road games(back to back) and we won both of them with both being home openers for the opposition. I'm satisfied for now......
  24. It was a great game...well sort of. Columbus got that early goal and then we had penalty troubles and fell down 2-0. We outshot the Jackets 31-10 through the 2nd and 3rd periods and we finally started going to the net late. That's why we finally scored some goals and man, the Sedins came through!!! Danny with 2!!! Got lots of work to do still however...... Also, Luc Bourdon hasn't played yet. Thought I'd mention that if people were wondering.
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