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  1. It's evident that Norris calibre defencemen are a must to win the cup. The most prominent names in the last 5 years that have been effective are Zubov, Sydor, Bourque, Blake, Lidstrom, Niedermayer. It's been mentioned in articles by sports wrieters that the exception was Tampa Bay with Boyle, Sydor, Kubina & Pratt. They point out that Tampa didn't have a calibre defenceman so it's not always necessary to have one. I disagree. Let's face it. Sydor has 2 rings. He deserves mention with the other names. In a nutshell, the last 6 years featured Norris winners or runner ups winning the cup. Anybody see Norris potential on the Habs? I don't. But there is always good luck and fortune-somewhere. Hopefully in Montreal. My number 1 sleeper candidate on defence for the Habs is Markov. Anybody check out the World Championship? It could take time to have Montreal gel and come together. 2008 is when we will be happy
  2. Let's hope this is the only bad news the Habs get. I was thinking recently that the good news stories we've been having lately regarding Perezhogin, Higgins & Latendresse meant it was only a matter of time until we had some bad news. At least it's "good" bad news. Ryder won't be out long. Go Habs! :hlogo:
  3. Well, I actually grew up all over Canada (military brat) but I was born here. You always seem to come home I guess. Ryder fan? I'll be a Ryder fan as long as he is a Canadien for sure. Anyway, as far as Les Glorieux go, I'd just like to say to our detractors - WE ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN YOU THINK! In case anyone is wondering about my Moniker, it's the 1914-15 Canadian Athletic Club or CAC. I just like the way Athletique sounds. In a manner of speaking, due to history we have the right to refer to our team as the "Athletics" as a 2nd name - it's in our history. That is, until Gary expands and some team owner is an Oakland A's fan lol GO HABS GO!:-^
  4. http://www.nhl.com/features/preview05/mon_...main091605.html There is the URL - good feature. Posted By: ATHLÉTIQUE.CANADIEN - Canaan :hlogo:
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