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  1. Ottawa 3 games left. Same math as T.O. if we own them and we have 2 games in hand Yup, Price is a nice start. And yeah - We are the MONTREAL CANADIENS
  2. There is still a chance to make it. We are equal is games played with Leafers & we are 7 points back of them. If we own the next 2 games that makes for a 3 point differential provided we equal their record. We also have yet to play Ottawa 2 MORE TIMES -
  3. what happened to Ruutu - is he badly hurt or did he just leave?
  4. Ha ha - I hope Spacek hotdogged or chirped our bench. Our response - 3 ginos
  5. Excellent timing on Ryan White return. Hopefully he can provide some energy and give the team an inspirational shot in the arm.
  7. To much respect for that loser. Don`t get me wrong - as a player he`s worthy to be recognized for his achievements, but too bad he`was a stinky leafer wearing toilet blue puck cleaning colours bum, for this reason, he must remain the Sardine
  8. If we win tonight we are 7 points away from the Leafs. If we can beat Toronto in the last 2 games after this in regulation, and we equal their output, we will be 3 points behind them in the standings. We`re not dead yet but it`s a lot to ask. Still, just when I had thrown in the towel. If Price keeps being a super wizard you never know. We have to beat them in regulation in the last 2 for a chance. Tall order but I`ll take it. GO HABS GO PACIORETTY 3-0
  9. I`ve watched the winning streak and haven`t posted because I`m resigned to this season, but all of a sudden I`m energized...Carey Price, over the streak he hasn`t merely been using the force, he`s in Jedi Master mode right now. YES!
  10. Don`t worry, any moment some Leaf fan will throw a Leaf jersey on the ice for Sundin and then the CBC can go choke itself
  11. Eller and Darche were nice on the PK. GLOVED BY PRICE
  12. Toronto fans can`t complain about a ref fix if they drop this game because that was a nonsense call
  13. I like it. I hope we hunker down because the Leafers are going to try to answer. But our collective D game is solid and now it`s 2-0 he he
  14. We`re still fighting a good fight. Kill it off Habs
  15. Defensively they`re on the right track tonight. Poke checks and blocked shots are helping. Stop icing the puck. They should be OK after this TV time out. Habs won`t do this for the whole 60 minutes. So, here comes the goal...which Hab is it gonna be to get this game started?
  16. Where would Flat Mat Sardine be in the Habs scoring history. Probably 10th or something hahaha Price seems to be using the force again
  17. Leafs trying to establish but positionally we are controlling the game in our D zone. Good sign. Hang around Habs
  18. Goodbye Mat Flat Sardine. He called toilet bowl...whoops, I didn`t mean to write that & I apologize. I meant to say - He called Toronto the best hockey city in the word. ahem...must clear throat...must not laugh. Glad he gave a tip of the hat to Wade Belak, Rick Rypien and Derek Boogaard. Banner goes up...yawn...Toronto ceremony sucks. Habs destroy them in that department... ....hury up...drop the puck...finally, the banner is raised to the rafters...that announcer sucks... Finally the Oh Canada...get that stinky blue & white flag out of the audience or please throw it on the ice to mark an old tradition. Ah..thank goodness Sardine is over
  19. He comes the Mat Sardine. Anyone think he gets a better stading ovation than the Rocket? lol
  20. I saw Weber as maybe being moved earlier in the season but now I wonder. His low cap hit & his shot asset could have been dealt to a team that is out of the playoffs but likes the idea of getting Weber's skills at 900 K for the 2012-13 season. Perhaps as part of a package under those conditions we could have gotten a key player back to help for the drive. But now (Unless there's a miracle) we are sellers. So, Weber is now an attractive acquisition for a contender heavily up against the cap that wants his shot for a playoff drive. I now think that waiting on any decision to move Weber should be shelved unless the offer fits moving him. I'm stumped on what to do if anything regarding moving Weber now.
  21. I'm a bit annoyed that Michalek made it over Cole or Pacioretty. I'm sure there are fans of other teams that have some ideas of their players who should be there. Welcome back Jets but no ASG goodies for you. Sorry. I guess the policy is now a nod to the hosting franchise of the ASG. Maybe part of the message is that if a team isn't doing well they should be shunned. But there must be 3 Leafs & 3 Sens I guess. Three Bruins but they're the champs I guess. The rookies that will take part in some of the skills competition doesn't compensate for this obvious policy. At least Price is our team representive. I won't lose sleep over it since I'm really getting used to these Bettman and clown company characters. Money talks as does the foolish fan balloting and selection process.
  22. So, I wonder if that Octopus was left by a Wings fan who left the game and forgot it or if that was from one of our fans
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