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  1. Anyway, as you can see the Habs have a little wiggle room to pay Theodore 5 mill and lock him up long term and still have room under the cap. What do they do in light of the Luongo decision? Do you think he would settle for 5 mill?Do they stick with the qualifying offer of 4.6 and risk losing him next year? Or do they roll the dice and wait to see what kind of year he has? If he has a good year however he gets all the negotiating leverage????
  2. TSN has 4 undisclosed. They have actually updated several that were undiscosed a few days ago . With the advent of the Cap we are in the business of speculating about it in order to determine where our team is. TSN should stick and asterik by numbers and make an educated guess on the undisclosed ones. It can't be that hard - I did it fairly accurately.
  3. TSN has too many undisclosed salaries to be useful.
  4. Sorry - formatting did not hold up. Theo and Ryder are estimates. Player Salary F.Bouillon $600,000 M. Komisarek 900,000 R.Hainsey 450,000 C.Rivet $2,660,000 A.Markov 1,500,000 S. Souray $2,128,000 M. Dandenault $1,700,00 M. Streit 500,000 J.Theodore 5,000,000 A. Kovalev $4,500,000 M.Ryder 1,000,000 N. Sundstrom $988,000 A.Perezhogan 860,000 S.Koivu 3,412,000 R.Bonk $2,394,000 S.Begin $608,000 T.Plekanec 530,000 R. Zednik $1,824,000 M.Ribiero 1,178,000 P.Dagenais 550,000 J.Bulis 1,000,000 C.Higgins 450,000 M.Hossa 800,000 C. Huet $456,000 P. Vandemeer 450,000 Total $34,738,000
  5. Below is my running total on the Habs salaries and hence overall cap picture for this year. Some of the salaries are estimates but I've been pretty close on the ones made public so it should be fairly accurate. Also, there are more than 23 bodies here so several will not figure in the final total after the roster is paried down to 23 to start the season. Comments? Player Salary estimate F.Bouillon $600,000 M. Komisarek 900,000 R.Hainsey 450,000 C.Rivet $2,660,000 A.Markov 1,500,000 S. Souray $2,128,000 M. Dandenault $1,700,00 M. Streit 500,000 J.Theodore 5,000,000 A. Kovalev $4,500,000 M.Ryder 1,000,000 N. Sundstrom $988,000 A.Perezhogan 860,000 S.Koivu 3,412,000 R.Bonk $2,394,000 S.Begin $608,000 T.Plekanec 530,000 R. Zednik $1,824,000 M.Ribiero 1,178,000 P.Dagenais 550,000 J.Bulis 1,000,000 C.Higgins 450,000 M.Hossa 800,000 C. Huet $456,000 P. Vandemeer 450,000 Total $28,738,000 6,000,000
  6. BTW if your keeping track of dollars and cents RDS is reporting Markov signed for 1.5 mill this year and 2.0 mill next. That puts the habs at about 30 mill for salaries in total with Ryder and Theo to go.
  7. I have also noticed a anti-Kotitsyn sentiment around here. I saw him play in Winnipeg last year and he was the best player on the ice. Best skater, best puck handler, etc. The problem was with the trap he had little room to display his skills to there fullest. I think he is still an excellent prospect so lets give him time to mature in Hamilton. If your new here try to ignore most of what Beckham says or at lest view it with a sense of humour
  8. Could be BG was waiting to see what Luongo got from the arbitraitor. Seems he struck out and only got 3.23 mill. That will weaken Theodores position.
  9. You guys forgot about Komisarik! If Bouillon earns a spot over him Julien is smoking that wacky weed with Williams and Moss! Also, I hope any scenario on D hopefully will feature a guy by the name of Hainsy. If he can live up to potential we get a valuable asset on defense and the makings of a first rate defensive core.
  10. For those of you wondering about Ryder here is the latest from Fourth Period .com August 19, 2005 Ryder wants deal done TheFourthPeriod.com Michael Ryder, the Canadiens top rookie of the 2003-04 season, hopes to have a deal with Montreal done in the near future. TFP has learned that the native of Bonavista, Newfoundland, has a one-year deal on the table, but would prefer to ink a multi-year pact. Ryder, 25, scored 25 goals and added 38 assists for 63 points in 81 games with the Habs during the '03-04 campaign. According to La Presse, Ryder is currently asking for a one-year, $1.15 million deal, but the Habs would prefer to lock him up to a two-year contract. While there is no immediate urgency to get a deal done, Ryder and his agent Thane Campbell would like the matter to be dealt with prior to the start of training camp. "Michael does not want (negotiations to go that far)," Campbell told La Press. "He likes Montreal, he likes to play for coach Claude Julien and he likes the fans. He wants to reach an agreement with the team, but there is nothing done at the moment. "I will try to speak with (Habs GM) Bob Gainey soon and we'll see what we can do."
  11. I'm sorry Beckham but I can give you a long list of "young talent" that panned out for the habs since expansion in 1967. Do you want me to start the list! Hmm Lafleur, Robinson, Gainey, Roy, Theodore, Shutt...would you like me to go on. The Habs have had success by developing their young talent not signing past their prime free agents. We leave that to the Leafs and Flyers
  12. I believe these rumours about Selanne are coming from Eklund and he's full of s...t. The habs will not sign Selanne for several reasons. First, they have a crop of young players (ie cheaper)to give give opportunities to. Secondly, many of you just don't get yet (like a lot of NHL GM's as well) that you have to manage the cap as much as manage talent. The habs are around 35-36 mill (estimating the price tag for yet unsigned RFA'a). Those teams close to 39mill are going have big problems keeping a team together from year to year - players with good seasons are going to want more each year. Unless you have room under the cap you are going to be losing key players each year. Bringing in young (cheap) talent will be a necessity for successful nhl teams. Thus havng a good supplyt of young talent in the system is vital to remain competitive. Gainey has postioned us well to do this.
  13. Info on Aiken can be found here. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/teams/player_bio.asp...739&hubName=VAN Obviously he is a spare part for the organization and will remain in hamilton unless we have a lot on injuries on D
  14. TSN is now reporting that both Komisarik and Riberio are now signed. No details as to salaries although Ribiero is reported at 1.178 mill. Can somone find out how much Komo is getting? My guess is 1 mill. So far it looks like Habs will be around 35 mill cap wise. This will give them room to add a player at some time if they need to... [Edited on 2005-8-11 by sakiqc]
  15. The math I just did estimating salaries for RFA based upon their last salary (http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=579) combined with signed palyers and who you might expect to start in Mtl places them in the 33-35 mill range. If its closer to 33 then Gainely has some room to add a player at some point in the year, or perhaps even another FA before training camp. Good work by BG to field a team and manage the cap!
  16. I thought we should find out more about what the Montreal Gazette called Gainey's "Swiss secret" aka Mark Streit. I have posted below a poorly translated message from somone in Switzerland on Streit. I suggest we try and find out all we can about him a post it here for all to see and discus how he fits into the mix for habs. Here goes... "I live in Switzerland and I know this player very well. Let to me say to you that Streit is as good as gold bars especially at the price that they got him!!! Certainly one of best the quality-price ratio of your team!!! He was the defender par excellence of our championship . Equipped with an incredible vision of play its first master key is as invaluable as its many goals in special situations. Indeed, it is the kind of player who, once at the line blue, it is not better not let draw because its throw is frightening of precision!!! Its stats proves it, CH must use Streit as it should be. To let make bench in special situation a serious error srait!! Brisebois came this winter to make ten meetings in our championship eh well let to me say to you that compared with Streit that is not worth anything!!! Here thus a super transfer for your TEAM and I predict to you 40 points without problem for this player if it is used correctly. Brisebois
  17. I don't see a big problem with our defense now. It's young , mobile, some offensive skill and some grittyness. If Souray is healthy he should be an offensive presence again. markov, danenealt have some offensive prowess as well, and Rivet and Komo add toughness. Looks good to me. In fact I have to make them a cup favorite right now along with Ottawa. Unlike a lot of teams we have keep almost our entire linup, have upgraded the D and have some promising youngsters comng on the scene. All the big name free agents are spread out across the league so no one was a big "winner". gainey has also keep some room under the cap by not going crazy signing free agents so if a need arises during the year he has some flexibility. can't wait to follow this team . I get RDS so i will see every game this year. Yes!!!!!
  18. Team 990 is reporting Miroslav Satan has narrowed down his choices to MYl, Tor and LA
  19. listening to Team 990 online they are indeed reporting habs will ink Kovalev to a 4 yr deal
  20. talk about much ado about nothing. after a week of such anticipation... Brule-Pouillot-Kopitar! What a let down! Does anybody have any idera why they picked Price? What are they smoking in the front office:?-java script:icon(':?-')
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