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  1. U2- Vertigo MUST GO bring back last years goal song ohh ohh ohhhhhhhhhhh U2 for every goal is so repetitive and lame habsfan19 http://www.habsblog.com/ [Edited on 2005/10/19 by habsfan19]
  2. This kid continues to impress me. Last night he was speeding his way all over the place. In 2-3 years this guy has a chance to be the next Pavel Bure. habsfan19 http://www.habsblog.com [Edited on 2005/10/19 by habsfan19]
  3. Hey guys I got back from Training Camp today, I took some photos if youd like to see they are posted on my website Habs blog http://www.habsblog.com/ Dandenault looked extremely impressive!:ghg:
  4. The east come April 06 1. Philadelphia 2. Ottawa 3. Tampa Bay 4. New Jersey 5. Montreal 6. Boston 7. Pittsburgh 8. Atlanta 9. Toronto 10. Florida 11. Islanders 12. Rangers 13. Carolina 14. Buffalo 15. Washington Specifics: Northeast Ottawa Montreal Boston Toronto Buffalo Atlantic Philadelphia New Jersey Pittsburgh NY Islanders NY Rangers Southeast Tampa Bay Atlanta Florida Carolina Washington What do you think? http://www.habsblog.com
  5. bring back donald brashear:clap:
  6. Where is gonna fit in on the blueline? The only way I see this possible is if the habs trade away a defenseman or defensive prospect, Dandenault is who they went after and got, I don't see room for another, although it would be pretty cool... habsfan19 Montreal Canadiens Blog
  7. Agreed, he'll go for 1st round pick, the flyers pretty muched screwed themselves as far as he is concerned. habsfan19 http://www.habsblog.com/
  8. I agree, there's a far cry from the AHL to the NHl and he is an example of a player that is close but not good enough. I'm happy to see him go. habsfan19 http://www.habsblog.com/
  9. This is great news, say what you want about him...but Kovalev is a dangerously skilled offensive threat and brings much needed offense. A full season in Montreal, he will produce... habsfan19 http://www.habsblog.com/
  10. I'm also surprised, can't picture him in an Edmonton jersey, but if thats possible - why not Montreal? habsfan19 http://www.habsblog.com/
  11. I agree. I think satan is kind of a baby. Talented guy, but what makes you think he would even want to play in Montreal? Only if the money is the highest offer he gets, which I doubt it will be. Does anyone remember when he deked the pants off Ed Belfour and then took his glove off and pretended he was on the phone? He's a flashy and conceited guy - I don't know if I want him on the habs. habsfan19 http://www.habsblog.com/
  12. The difference is Jason Ward sucks, he hadn't shown that he can compete at the nhl level after many chances. I'm happy we finally got rid of this guy. habsfan19 http://www.habsblog.com/ :ghg:
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