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  1. 4 hours ago, Commandant said:


    2 things


    You want him to say he would take the 50 cause he is willing to sacrifice to do better.   He's willing to work harder to get more instead of taking the easy route with the lower amount. 


    However, the real right answer.... I'll take both.  Shows outside the box thinking and not being confined to the parameters of the question.  Its Captain Kirk in the Kobayashi Maru, you change the game to win. 


    This is exactly what I thought of too. 


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  2. The media love fest for the leafs is absolutely disgusting. 

    Totally commending them for a hard fought series. That they didn’t choke this year. That they looked TB right in eye. 


    That their roster is just fine.  

    That their leadership is top notch. 

    They choked. 


    End of story. 


  3. 5 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

    My hatred of Boston has softened somewhat since attempted murderer Chara and gorilla Lucic left. Only Marchand is left from that loathsome bunch. Not that I have the warm and fuzzies for the Bruins. God no.


    More generally, I tend to see Boston in the way that Dryden did - as a great opponent who puts you on your mettle. I respect that franchise, even as I fervently want the Habs to put them in their rightful place, i.e., as eternal losers to the CH.


    By contrast, I just despise TO. I mean, I think the current lineup is a formidable squad, but toward the franchise I have pure contempt/loathing. No amount of suffering is too much for Leafs Nation. 😜 Hell, if they folded tomorrow I wouldn’t mind at all. Feel the same way about the Nordiques: let them stay dead, the scumbags.


    Carolina? They deserve whatever suffering they get. But that franchise is too much of a minor, penny-ante outfit for me to despise them with full-throated loathing. They’re more like an irritating mosquito than a murder hornet like Boston or a gross, puke-inducing centipede like TO.






    I could have written that.


    Sums up my feelings to a T.

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