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  1. 2 hours ago, Fanpuck33 said:

    Curse the NHL for not having the usual absurdly long break before starting the finals. I will admit, I never in my wildest dream thought the Habs playoff run would interfere with my late June travel plans. I am flying back from Boston for my goddaughter's baptism tomorrow night and will have to watch game 1 late night when I get back into town. And I extended my trip another night so I could visit the home of a civil war general I did a report on in gradeschool. Curse unreliable upcharge in-flight wifi!


    And let me tell you, I felt like a bad Habs fan hanging out at North Station in Boston, where TD Garden and the Bobby Orr statue are. I am currently getting a nice buzz going to help forget about the Bruins stuff all around me!



    if I were you I’d be wearing my Habs jersey loud and proud in beantown!! 

  2. 12 minutes ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

    I haven’t been terrified most of this run. There were a few anxious moments here and there vs Vegas but I have not been “terrified” since round 1 vs the Leafs. The team feels like a playoff team and instills a lot of confidence when I watch them. I usually get nervous all the time during the playoffs but so far not so much.

    I do expect there to be some of those “moments” versus Tampa, however. 

    I’ll admit it.

    I was terrified in overtime of game 6. 

    I wanted the islanders but happy we got Tampa. 

    Nothing would be more fitting than winning the cup while chucking the defending champs to the side of the curb. 

  3. 55 minutes ago, revvvrob said:

    Habs beat the Maples in 7

    Habs beat the Jets in 4

    Habs beat the Knights in 6


    what’s missing?


    Habs beat the Lightning in 5!!!

    Yes please!!


    That’s the game I’m targeting flying down for. 

    I would absolutely give my left nut to be in there when they hoist the cup. 

  4. 14 minutes ago, beliveau1 said:

    I rarely post anymore and was saving post number 1000 for something special like a Cup win one more time before I leave this world. I've been a lifelong fan of the Canadiens going back to the original dynasty, and my dad was alive for every single Stanley Cup victory the Habs had. But I feel it's important to thank my mother right now. She passed away in her late 90's earlier today. She was a long time Detroit Red Wings fan from the earliest days, which always made for some heated Saturday nights way back when, but I think she talked to those stubborn Forum ghosts today - she knew how much I loved my Canadiens. So I will give thanks for this as it brings a bit of joy to a rather sad day for our family.


    Les Canadiens Sont La

    God bless you sir. 

    I am sure she is watching from above smiling down on you. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, CoRvInA said:

    Greetings Guys
    This thread should return to discussing Lord Perry


    He's a mentor for C Caulfield (when the camera shows them talking you see how CC listens to him attentively) =>  Resign Perry for at least another year if not 2 



    Ok and now for my shamanish BS:

    1- We "Sacrificied" a Q born Player in Drouin for the Habs' Ghosts (just in c... j'suis Quebecois)
    2- We got "extreme" rookies in playoffs (i.e. a la P. Roy)

    3- We Got the Big 3 (4) 

    4- We have "THEE" Goalie

    5- Haven't seen Youppi....anywhere!


    When we win this cup with Perry we will have to retire his 94


    Now forget all the above .....Not to be discussed until parade day



    Blast from the past.


    Nice to see you’re still here!!

  6. 6 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    My 11 year old son who unfortunately grew up seeing nothing but losing by th habs, has been asking me why I follow the habs for the last 4 years. He doesn’t get how I grew up a habs fan, never having lives in Montreal. there are zero habs fans in his grade, but there are fans of the Oilers, pens, knights, lightening, and obviously the flames. He’s been wearing the jersey I got him more and actually wants to watch the games with me now. I showed him clips of the 70’s and 80’s teams in the past, but now he is actually paying attention! 

    one more win, and he can hopefully experience the first time he gets to see the habs playing for the cup!

    My 8yr old was born here in CT.  

    Die hard hockey fan he is.  I brainwashed him from birth. It hasn’t been easy growing up a Habs fan in Bruin/Ranger territory. 

    Funny story. Before the playoffs started he wanted us to each fill out a bracket. He mostly picked the favorites because he based his picks on regular season point totals. 

    My bracket had Montreal playing the islanders in the final. 

    He questioned and laughed at my picks. He said I was making my picks based on my fandom and not common sense.  I told him you can’t measure the heart of a team with points. 

    Safe to say he’s starting to grasp the concept. 

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