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  1. 37 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    Romanov is not an offensive defenceman. Not at all.


    This is indeed the structural weakness I've been banging on about for years - a D corps that is top-heavy with "heavy" defenders and lacks puck-movers. It is the team's Achilles' Heel, but one that we have managed to overcome, very impressively, up to this point. It hurt us (not fatally) against TO and it's hurting us more now that we are playing against a team that does have serious offensive push from the back end (although again, not fatally...yet).


    I wonder if Gustaffson is more important to this configuration than people think. Yes, he is a disaster in his own end, but whenever he is on the ice and on the PP especially, the Habs start to move the puck around and forward. It's as if 10 minutes of Gustaffson adds just enough push from the back end to paper over the weakness. But clearly, no matter how this playoff plays out, MB needs to go get a top-4 puck-moving D-man, preferably LD. It's the final one of those longstanding holes that he needs to fill.


    A W is a W. Especially in the playoffs. Fleury played the clown and the Habs capitalized. And yes, the game was there to be had in OT and they took it.


    That being said, we will not win two more games if the discrepancy between the two teams is that severe. If I'm VGK I'm saying "keep doing what you're doing, boys, we're way better than these guys and will be rewarded in the end."


    Maybe more significant was DD's absence. The Habs literally had a guy with zero head coaching experiencing managing the bench in that game. That's nuts. (Sure, DD may have been on the horn, but that is no substitute for being there). No disresepct to Richardson, but one of the things that these playoffs have revealed is how strong DD is at managing his bench. His absence, to me, is a significant handicap - more significant than the anarchist reffing. That the Habs overcame both is a tribute to the great Carey Price, as well as to the blood-and-guts quality of this group.



    The keep doing what you’re doing is the logical path. 



    You best be sure that IF Montreal holds them off for the first two periods of game 4 Vegas will start doubting their ability to turn the series around. 

    I’m so hoping we come and continue playing the way we did in overtime. 


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