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  1. You might have a point there. If the team orchestrated the whole thing to save face for Kovalev. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but Bobby, you've got me thinking.
  2. I respect your opinion, but, please tell me you're not living in your parents basement, without a care in the world?? Enough damage has been done to our beautiful province and city since the 70's.
  3. Oh ok. So what are they supposed to fight with? And why do you have to bring up a Berlin reference, with all it's negative history? I'm not talking military, barracades and borders. I'm talking Singapore, Macau or Hong Kong, to name a few. If Quebec can peacefully seperate from Canada than Montreal can peacefully stay where it wants. If seperation occurs, and the country is cut in two, than anything can happen.
  4. Foolish eh... so is your analogy. First of all, it's not an idea I just came up with, it's been debated at length by federalists since the 1995 fiasco. The city of Montreal has the most to lose in seperation. Books have been written on how much it has lost already. Estimates of people leaving the province run as high as 400,000 since the 70's. Toronto surpassed Montreal as Canada's most important city, even Calgary, a city 1/3 of the population, has more head-offices. I'll say one thing though Shortcat, your reaction only illustrates that people outside the province don't get it, and luckily have no say in it's future.
  5. Ok Joe. You can have your country. Be warned that metro-Montreal then becomes a city-state that remains part of Canada. My house JUMPED in value as soon as the PQ was ousted by Jean Charest and the liberals. Of course, you'll tell us that was a coincidence. The whole QC independance thing is such a tired act.
  6. Well, you can add my PLQ vote buddy.
  7. You've gotta mean "sit" down Streit, right? Or are you suggesting he be "sent" down, as in to the minors. I sure hope that's not what you're thinking.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. In addition to not helping us out, they always beat us, regularily play in a half empty arena, and are always in contention.
  9. Super thread. Ya, those Molson years turned me into a Brahma drinker. Any hockey talent in Brazil, if so, Alexstream otta be able to find it...
  10. I agree totally. It's gonna kill me tonight, but, this is setting up like an ass-kicking. Leafs'll try to do what we did to them last year, knock them out of contention.
  11. I hope Abby invested his money wisely, cuz he's not making that next year in europe. Seriously, he can't possibly get another NHL contract next year.
  12. I believe he should have been placed on the first line, with Koivu and Kovalev, and told you've got all the time you need. Gainey understood it would take time, Carbo didn't. He's just not a game breaker that's going to make his 3rd or 4th linemates better, he's gotta play with other talented players. You simply can't be benched for lack of production, it sends a terrible message.
  13. Can we cut the garbage about Russians please. Carbo has no problem with their nationalty. Work ethic of a certain player, sure. That's it, end of story.
  14. Who cares. We haven't been "there" for months. Stop complaining.
  15. As usual, you're bang on. Only problem, nobody is going to part with a number one center. It'll have to be developed, which hasn't happened here in decades.
  16. There in town for charity stuff, they practise here, then go to Atlanta.
  17. Ok, the you know what may be "hitting the fan" here in Montreal. This story is all over the radio, this may get messy...
  18. Ya OK. Aebi's done nothing to help out the playoff race. I'll forgive that comment, as you're new to this forum. What's funny to me, go to, for example, the RDS website. Most feel that Carbo favours the Russians and is hard on the Quebec players. Doubt this story has any value, as others have said, the Montreal media would be all over this.
  19. Rome get's it, I agree with him. There's talk they were only $300,000 apart.
  20. Leighton's headed for Hamilton. The three games Halak's played are simply not enought to start comparing goals against and save percentage numbers. He tore up the AHL, he needs more time with the Habs to see what he can do.
  21. Murray shoulda got a penalty on Sundin, simple as that.
  22. That's not a nice thing to say about the "blue & white". Just kidding.
  23. Wow. Speaking of dolts. Did you happen to notice a goalie with ZERO experience was chosen over Aebisher this past week. He hasn't been playing well of late, when the team needs him most...
  24. Somebody should inform Aebisher he's not signed for next year, he's playing himself off the continent.
  25. Is there a way for us to do both? Develop young players, while keeping some veterans and possibly go a round or two in the playoffs. Why I feel it's important to make the playoffs is the money it generates for the team. I don't have the numbers handy, but I think the team pays more taxes than most american teams combined. Possibly a topic for another thread, but our tax situation is so bad, I feel the city is screwing the team badly. I'm not about lining Mr. Gillette's pockets with money, one soccer team is enough! I just want the team to compete on a level playing field with other teams. The NHL is always refered to as a gate-driven league, the more asses in the seats, the better off we all are.
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