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  1. wow ... nice shot by Kovy :-)) ... 3-2
  2. Biron's BIG mistake and Crosby empty netter for 5-4 Pens! ...
  3. yes. Finally thread ... & 2-0 Kovyyyy! :-)
  4. hmm, I only disagree with the "great shot opportunity" of Pleky appr. 90seconds before end. He was IMHO a little from good angle a he try to pass to a better positioneted player between the circles. But pass was deflected ... thats all ... I know, this is more european solving situation like this ... but look Krejci, Hemsky, Hudler ... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't .
  5. well done Pleky!!! Kladno is behind you! ;-) ...
  6. coast2coast play ... who scores the next one?
  7. OK. Looks like very close situation ... maybe was the stick of Pens d-man just on the first inches of blueline ... maybe
  8. Hi, wasn´t the Pens 2nd goal an offside goal ... pass from Malkin to blueline?
  9. Hi Bullie , I'm still alive, but 4.15AM here in Europe . We'll talk about the hockey next time . Bye
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