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  1. I think that yes we have money to play with to sign a guy that could consistantly put the puck in the net and we need a huge year from theo and we got ourselves a stanley cup contender team somewhat like the 93 cup champs... i mean there werent many big names in that team then if there was sry cant remember lol
  2. why does everyone think montreal is ganna be 5th or 6th atleast 4th or if we have a really good season 3rd in the east we have a well balanced team wit some quite good offence but thats my opinion will see
  3. We have 3 solid lines but the 3rd is still tough to call between hossa or perezhogin but whos going to fill the fourth line?? your thoughts [Edited on 2005/8/23 by Habs Duude]
  4. http://www.thefourthperiod.com/Montreal.html If anyone is interested in seeing how much money the canadiens have to play with check this site i get my info form it and others there a little slow to update but they have it in order now
  5. Perezhogin... he topped Ovenchkin in Russia and anyone who could top Ovenchkin already surprised me iw anna see this in october cant wait
  6. yeah i completely agree with you but ut hink were ganna have space in their salery cap i mean we didnt sign markov or ryder yet and ryder wants about 1.15 million for 1 year right now and markov iduno u could guess about 1.5 , montreals cap space right now is around 28 million thats without the undisclosed money that komisarik is making and hossa i think how much a can selanne want?
  7. if we get selanne will be fine or maybe finaly tryout hte russian players we have in the minors that are most probably ganna kick ass soo anyhting goes its a whole new year and we have alot of players that have to prove themselves if they wanna stay and i say maybe 3rd round for once in 12 years about...
  8. I personaly think that Selanne would be a good ascet to the habs but its up to gainey but i feel that if hes still a free agent when the season starts, highly unlikely, Montreal should get him, Also some ppl dnt aprove of him coming to MTL i wanna know why not :ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg::hlogo::ghg: [Edited on 2005/8/22 by Habs Duude]
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