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  1. We pray every day that someone will pick up our infamous Ribiero but no one will give us anything good fer the schmuck ... He's stenched up the room long enough - Saku's always be known for doing not saying - but someone should Shut Ribiero up soon - he's like smelly gas coming out from someone's rear guard. His point total is fine - it's his plus minus that's bad - I would of kept Dagenais more than Ribiero - at least the other has a shot worth talking about... they could both win the contest slowest skater in club... it's a tie www.forumdehockey.com
  2. Please Santa , Please bring back the decency that this team used to have only a month ago - please humor us in thinking that we actually Have a competitive team. Bring us report cards showing us that the IQ of our team is far better than that of lint and kitchen sink items. The rutt is starting to get to everyone - especially the fans - and having to watch this spectacle - this debacle - hurts us in more ways than one.... Think of the children who went to bed knowing that the team lost because they forgot to play 35 minutes in a 60 minutes game.... Please help the guys out before I go down there myself and show them a few unhappy faces ... :puke::puke::nono::mad::mad::nono:
  3. The BAD: Trading Roy Trading Rechi Trading Leclair and other fine goal scoring magicians The Good: Trading Thibeault (that was a good thing) and Icing the worst team ever assemble by a MTL General Manager - EVER ! thanks for setting us back 10 years Peanut - thanks for ever ...:que::hlogo::que::nono::nono::mad::mad:
  4. Speeds the same - one is young - the other not ... if they can eat up some of the salary - would be a great deal ... it would amount to the same thing except we would pay more for a proven offence than pay less for a 1 year wonder (to date ??!):hlogo::ghg::ghg::ghg:
  5. I'm a die hard Bulis fan because the man is a flying machine ... if only he could score like he did in Europe last year - he's our first goal of the year and has only put in 2 others since - irrespective the 15000 posts he caught last game :?- Plekanec will always play as good as the job you give him - give him nothing to do and he will do just that I figure we might have to go in deep and trade a forward for someone in the rear - the guys are hurting in the back right now .... Go bulis Go !! the guy is in my Pool ... fer criss sakes !!!:guru:
  6. Your right - he is a non factor in the game right now - Like Ribiero and a few others - but they get way more ice time .... Move Perezhogin or Plekanec up to the first line - Begin as second C man - bulis and Ryder his wings - and lets see how much crach em and bash em we can get out of them ... Higgins to play a D role and ribiero - back on the fourth line where his speed and Dagenais's speed can be usefull on the bench !:puke::puke::/):D
  7. He's trying to hit a bit more .... I know .. I'm biased ... but so is everyone else ... Except for Koivu - plekanec and Perezhogin - nobodies doing anything worth talking about on the ice for the last 2 games ... except Dagenais .... soooooooo... Anyways - let's trade him for a bag of pucks and a first round draft pick - that's my take on it .... his contract is not that much ....between him and Hossa I figure you would of kept Hossa ... I would of too... :contract:
  8. For sure he is no Perezhogin or Plekanec but he gets 1 minute of Ice time a year - c'mon - As for the minuses - let's never forget Ryder - Ribiero and a few others from out Second "top" line... The only reason they have points is because of powerplays .... I'd just like to give the guy a chance ... One thing we are lacking with the habs is size ... he's the only BIG guy on our team (komisarek don't count - he's a D man)... He's a one trick poney for shure - his lone goal was a big one when we needed it .... Claude Julien will probably read our blurbs and take his decision based on our rants .... hahahah:lol::lol::lol:
  9. Yes - Dagenais is slow - yes he's not the most physical presence when you think of his size .... But he can get 10 shots on goal every game if you get him the puck ... not many players on our team can bluntly state the same ... the fact that he's on the 6th line playing 1 minute a game and still averaging 3 shots on goal per game should state enough ... He will never be a speedster but when the team is trying to put the puck in the net and the guys are not doing the job - give the 17 goal man the chance to put rubber to the goal keeper and let's see how it goes ... He's more responsible D wise and he's starting to use the body more than just to sway the women in his bed... The guy has to play from blue line to blue and not get caught to deep - but last game he was doing lots of crap down low for us and gave us a chance to score ... Ribiero and the likes seem to be sleeping on the job ... regardless of talent ... and Dagenais is spilling his guts out ... I like speed but I also like shots on net and will ... and lately - Dagenais is looking like a shooting wildman... :hlogo::hlogo:
  10. I think they will find a way to sign the valuable player the Theo has become. He's not Marty Brodeur or Roberto Luongo but he certainly leaps and bounds ahead of the Cloutier's and the Osgood's around the league. I think if we ink him a 5 million for a few years - waive off the no trade clause of his contract - we would be in a good position to hold or trade Theo for another good Net minder. Let's remember that Luongo is not satisfied with the treatment he's getting from Florida.... would he play in his country for his province - probably... I Don't want to see Theo Leave - fidelity to a team and to a player has always been my thing ... but if it gets nasty ... then nasty it will get ... just look at Hossa ... that got nasty.... As for Ryder ... give him the money - same or more than Ribiero - for 2 years - he wants to win more than his talent - and he's got lots of talent - so he really wants to win... :bow::hlogo::bow::ghg::que::bow:
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