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  1. CJAD just said that Alfredsson can squat 750lbs. Schizen. You think Ribeiro can do that? Haha.
  2. Phew.... close call at the buzzer. Hate to give those away. They usually come with a huge shift in momentum. Thank god Dags isn't playing. He'd look like a glacier out there.
  3. Damn. Regardless of all the stupid things that we've done in this game, especially this period, this game sounds like one of the most exciting to watch on the tube. For those of us listening by radio its non-stop, end-to-end action, great saves at both ends, lots of scoring chances. Exactly what the new league should be about and exacted by two of the best teams in the league. Anyone watching on TV willing to confirm?
  4. What a textbook way to give a game away. Might be able to get away with this against some teams but not Ottawa. I hope Julien's ready to raise hell and we'll start playing like professionals.
  5. I do hope you're right. Gotta keep a firm grip on that 1st place spot...son!
  6. Does anyone wish that maybe, just maybe, they had kept Latendresse around just for such situations. When the numbers get low as they have been, I really don't feel good about having Dags in the lineup especially against a fast team like Ottawa. I predict some time in the box for him tomorrow because of an obstruction/hooking infraction. Oh well, I guess there's always next year.
  7. Just a question. When was the last time you saw the Habs on top of the eastern conference? http://www.sportsline.com/nhl/standings Our team is hot... son! I think Theo looked more confident out there tonight although I didn't like his positioning for the 5 on 3 goal. But overall, I think he's looking better. In fact, I won't complain at all because we're just plain on fire. Let's keep it up for thursday.
  8. I'd like to take this opportunity to share a little revelation about the animal that we've all come to know as the Maple Leaf fan. I was in TO, chatting with an ex's friends who turned out to be hockey nuts. Naturally, as soon as they learned that I took up for "le bleu, blanc et rouge", the temperature notched up a couple of degrees. I shared with them my ideas on why TO hasn't won the Cup in an age and most of their fans aren't old enough to remember the '67 win. Simply put, their management doesn't have incentive to put out a winning team because regardless of the quality of team they put out, the ACC or the old Garden was going to be packed every night with fans wearing tons of Leaf merchandise and chugging down $7 beers. (Anyone remember the 1980s?) Mgmt's pockets were always full and as I remember, Ballard proved his greed by stealing from the Leafs and got a couple months in the slammer for it. I tried to tell these guys at the bar that if they really wanted to see a winning team - stop buying tickets, stop buying the jerseys etc. Put a little fear in the pockets of the front office and maybe someone would get the message. And the reaction I got was typical. "Can't do it, gotta support the team." So as I see it, anyone who biases power rankings or television broadcasts in favour of that pathetic franchise on Lake Ontario does the rest of us a favour by giving their fans a sliver of hope for a Cup win. And if you want an example of a city where the fans won't put up with BS, look no further than Mtl. Habs lose 5 games in a row and people stop buying tickets. No baseball playoff run in 30 years, no baseball team. And you know what - I'm all for it. All right I'm done. GO HABS GO! P.S. Has anyone noticed Kovalev's getting a little more physical out there? Personally, I don't think I had ever seen him in a tussle before he joined the Habs. I think Julien's lit a fire under this guy. [Edited on 2005/10/23 by zumpano21]
  9. Respect to Alexstream. SRC is serving up the game for us westerners who have to endure all those Flames fans who seem a little lost at the moment. We need to be able to show them what a real team looks like. Haha. http://radio-canada.ca/television/
  10. Seeing that the CBC and SRC have left us out to dry for this one, what's the best way to listen to the games over the net in FRENCH? Is there any?
  11. Sportsnet says Blake is available next year along with Sakic. Opportunity knocks for BG? If I had to choose, Blake, no questions. [Edited on 2005/10/20 by zumpano21]
  12. First of all, the rankings are biased, if not laughable. Secondly, I think it's kind of gutless for TSN to have some nameless figure (Scott Cullen) do the rankings. He's not an on-air personality and it just makes it easier for them to pull this sort of stuff and not have to answer to viewers with direct commentary.
  13. Anyone know the word on Begin for tonight? He's exactly the kind of guy we need in the lineup tonight. (Why is Dags still on this team?) Oh yeah....GO HABS GO!!!!
  14. EMERY!! WTF! Hey maybe he'll drop the gloves as per usual.
  15. I have to side with GuyRock on this one. Don Cherry is supposed to act as a professional when he goes to work for CBC. He does after all make approximately 20 times the salary of the average canadian and we should demand no less from him in non-partial, objective commentary with his usual trademarks thrown in. It's total garbage but at the same time the french division of CBC doesn't exactly take up for the rest of the canadian teams equally. The only difference being that not as many canadians watch the french channels.
  16. Game's not over until: 1 - Habs win 4-1. 2- Quinn has another arrhythmmia. 3 - Tucker has a seizure from forgetting to breathe during one of his rants. 4 - Lindros gets concussed courtesy of Komi. 5 - Harry Neale, Bob Cole and Don Cherry all declare themselves Habs beeyatches.
  17. Now I know it's only one game but when Zednik returns I expect Dagenais to be riding pine for most of the season. He blew through so many Rangers tonight it's hard to believe that they won't keep him in the lineup. I expect more of the same through the year. Damn! That kid's good.
  18. New powerrankings from Sportsline. Maybe the most accurate yet but I have to take exception with ranking the Pens ahead of our boys. In fact, it doesn't matter how good his rankings are because his description of the Leafs is pure beautyoussness. http://www.sportsline.com/nhl/story/8923596
  19. Objective article from sportsnet with tomorrow's lineup and 1st PP unit. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/article.jsp...004_195658_3336
  20. That's some pretty hateful s**t Beckham. Put another way, at least the Canadiens are able to tell you how to ###### off in 8 different languages. Keep your views in white-trash Surrey.
  21. Kings are at the Bell Centre on Dec 3. I wish I could be there to give Avery a "warm" welcome. I encourage all my montreal colleagues to show their true colours that night and make him feel like he's being fed to the lions.
  22. Huet better than Garon? I know this is heresy around these parts but SOME people might say that Garon was better than you know who.
  23. Did anyone at the training camp see this happen?
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