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  1. Overrated- This is a tough one since I don't think we overrate too many of our own players in fact I think has fans can be a but too harsh on some of the players . Underrated- I say Bourque is pretty underrated. He will have his bad games but come crunch time he will throw hits and go to the net. Just look at how he stepped it up during last year's playoffs. Pleks is also pretty underrated since although he doesn't score a lot that is mostly because he is busy shutting down other team's top lines. He's like a Carbo lite
  2. The one thing we lack on the team is a true faceoff specialist. Faceoffs are one of those things that are really underrated it seems. The importance on winning faceoffs is huge since you don't need to try and win back puck procession
  3. Go Has Go! Hopefully we can put some pucks past Rinne who is playing much better as of late
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