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  1. How about pads with Pat Quinn's face on them? That way, it'll be like he's getting hit with even more pucks.. (which makes me happy...)
  2. Let's hope the Habs actually use their speed tonight, and José's on his game. GO HABS GO!!!
  3. I'd give Jose another couple of games before he finds his footing. Although there has been a high incidence of soft goals let in by Theo, you can see definite improvement on some particular issues. Let's not forget that he is 3-1, and it has been a somewhat grueling schedule for him, against some decent oppostion. All we need is for him to stop letting in the soft ones, and for heaven's sake... stay in the net! I guarantee we'll be worshiping Jose in no time.
  4. I'm looking forward to the guys just barely half of Belfour's age find the back of the net. Also, anybody else think that Ivanans might give Captain Concussion his next trip to the IR? :ghg:
  5. I predict that 2 more Leafs will be injured after tonight.
  6. Does NHL06 say if the Bruins cry like a bunch of schoolgirls? :ghg:
  7. I can't seem to find any reliable source to confirm this, but I've heard a lot of rumours floating around. Can anyone clarify this matter? :?-
  8. I think you can get it from itech.com, but I'm not sure. It's worth a shot though! http://www.itech.com/images/gmasks/Hackett...ficial%26sa%3DN :ghg:
  9. I kinda think we need to redo this poll, in light of the information regarding Hossa's trade. I know my vote changed. [Edited on 2005/9/30 by lazy26]
  10. I agree with you ~moeman, but I'm pretty sure Streit *can't* go to the AHL...
  11. I think they'll end up using Streit. He's only got the one-way contract, so they'll probably try him out for a bit, and if he can't cut it NA. style, bring Hainsey back up. I think Hainsey has more potential, but he just can't seem to get his head into it.
  12. 1 - Kovalev 2 - Ryder 3 - Zednik 4 - Ribeiro 5 - Koivu then... 6 - Perezhogin, 7 - Dagenais, 8 - Souray, 9- Begin, 10 - Plekanec [Edited on 2005/9/30 by lazy26]
  13. Yeh, Pleks'll be a rookie sensation for sure!
  14. Most improved forward: Plekanec Most improved Dman: Komisarek Player who will underperform: Kovalev Most valuable player: Koivu Most likely to be traded: Hainsey, Dagenais or Sundstrum Most Goals: Ryder or Zednik Most points: Koivu Unsung hero: Bonk or Rivet :ghg:
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